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Never Fully Dressed’s loyalty program increased its repeat purchase rate by 64%

increase in member spend
increase in repeat purchase
of its revenue is from loyal customers


When Never Fully Dressed encountered with LoyaltyLion, they already had an aspirational brand community and growing fast. However, NFD’s team wanted to enhance their brand identity and values by highlighting their brand community. To achieve this, NFD knew that they needed to reward their loyal customers and build a stronger foundation with their new customers.


To highlight their brand values and increase the repeat purchase rate, Never Fully Dressed designed an on-brand tiered loyalty program structure. Members can progress across three levels respectively; Something Sassy, Strikingly Sassy, and Supremely Sassy. To encourage their regular customers to repeat purchase and spend more, NFD provides exclusive gifts as they move up to the next tier. For instance, they offer “surprise gifts” to their members who are in the “Supremely Sassy” tier.

77% of customers are motivated to join a loyalty program if the benefits are clearly communicated. With this in mind, NFD designed an Integrated Loyalty Page, where members can clearly see all their account details, such as their points balance, rewards available, tier membership and more.

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Using LoyaltyLion’s integration with Klaviyo, NFD encourages customer loyalty with their post-purchase emails, and keep customers engaged between purchases.


Thanks to their unique combination of financial and experience-based rewards, NFD generates 32% of its total revenue from its loyal customers today. They have also increased their member spend by 59% compared to non-redeeming members and increased their repeat purchase rates by 64%.

The LoyaltyLove programme has been a great success for Never Fully Dressed. We have since grown our active members by 2.4x and frequently see comments from customers about how much they enjoy accruing (and spending!) their points.
Sukh Takhar
Ecommerce Manager