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Manuka Doctor's referral strategy brought customers with higher customer lifetime value

of revenue is from loyal customers
increase in repeat purchase rates


Beauty and personal care industry is predicted to exceed $716B by 2025. The team at Manuka Doctor saw this opportunity and decided to boost their customer acquisition to increase their revenue. Yet, the team wanted to acquire customers with higher customer lifetime value and retain their existing customers for powerful growth.


Referred customers have a 16% higher customer lifetime value than customers acquired by other means. So Manuka Doctor’s team decided to implement a referral strategy. To achieve this, they created an on-brand loyalty program that allows customers to refer a friend or a family member. In the brand’s navigation menu, there’s a clear “Refer-a-friend” button, immediately tempting curious shoppers to click. When customers click on the button, they can directly refer someone via whatsapp, email, social media or by copying and pasting a unique referral link.

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Thanks to their loyalty and referral strategy, Manuka Doctor sees almost 100% of those who are referred convert into customers.