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Ofra Cosmetics increased its repeat purchase rates by 56%

increase in repeat purchase rates
increase in customer spend
revenue generated by referrals


As the second-fastest growing industry in ecommerce with an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75% worldwide, you need to work hard to thrive in the beauty and cosmetics sector. OFRA Cosmetics’ team recognized a need to focus on building customer relationships in order to stop shoppers from turning to their competition.


Research shows that 74% of customers are motivated to become loyal if they’re working towards a goal or reward. With this in mind, OFRA Cosmetics’ team decided to create a tiered loyalty program that enables customers to unlock incremental benefits with each tier.

59% of shoppers’ say their purchasing decisions are influenced by email, so OFRA Cosmetics also implemented a personalized loyalty email strategy. They first segmented their customers according to their loyalty status and buying behaviors. Then, using LoyaltyLion’s integration with Klaviyo, OFRA Cosmetics could send hyper-targeted emails and content.

To get their engaged community talking about their brand, the team then implemented a referral strategy that functions as a two-sided incentive.

Ofra cosmetics loyaltylion case study


OFRA Cosmetics’ loyalty program has gone from strength to strength. Today, 29% of the brand’s total revenue is generated from loyalty program members.

"As a traditional loyalty program, LoyaltyLion has been great, but customers always surprise you. The best part of the program is the advocacy it has created. Referrals are by far the most impressive metric, and we often incentivize this reward to boost our reach."
Paula Toledo, Brand Writer
Ofra Cosmetics