In 3 months loyalty program members spent $2.35m more than non-members

Dr. Axe case study


increased reward redemption with In-Cart Rewards


higher purchase frequency than members who did not use a reward


higher AOV when shoppers use instant points

“As partners, the LoyaltyLion team has been extremely responsive, collaborative and flexible in helping us migrate from a different rewards platform, customizing the experience to fit our particular needs and supporting us as issues have come up. We are very happy to have made the switch and look forward to continuing to partner with LoyaltyLion going forward.”

Kate, Senior Product Manager, Axe Wellness


Dr. Axe migrated from another loyalty program because they wanted to both increase reward redemption and have a solution that complemented the user journey.


LoyaltyLion designed and implemented two new features for Dr Axe: In-Cart Rewards and instant points. Both are Shopify firsts.

The In-Cart Rewards feature makes the loyalty program a seamless part of the checkout experience. There’s no need for vouchers; shoppers just add the reward they want in one click from the cart. This feature is designed to increase reward redemption because it removes friction and complements the normal customer journey.

Instant points enables shoppers to accumulate points for products in their cart, before they have purchased them. The feature is designed to increase the average order value (AOV) because shoppers add more products to the cart in order to achieve a greater reward.

A closer look at how Dr. Axe uses LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement, retention and customer lifetime value

Increase reward redemption with In-cart rewards

Due to in-cart rewards, Dr Axe saw a 300% increase in reward redemption when they moved from their previous loyalty provider to LoyaltyLion. This is especially important because shoppers who use rewards spend x2 more.

Increase spending with Instant Points

Due to instant points, Dr Axe saw a 36% increase in AOV - shoppers are now motivated to add more products to their cart in order to earn enough points for a reward.

Migration and promotion

With the help of a LoyaltyLion Onboarding Manager, Dr Axe migrated their existing loyalty program members and their point totals to LoyaltyLion.

Dr Axe then ran a series of campaigns to highlight the benefits of the new loyalty program and combined this with promotions to increase engagement. Their initial promotion offered enough points for a free product just for creating an account. This encouraged customers to immediately make a purchase to redeem the reward.

Loyalty lead marketing

Loyalty programs are most successful when they play a central role in marketing. Dr Axe understands this and regularly uses the loyalty program to run promotions, such as triple point weeks, seasonal offers and higher rewards for referrals. They also incorporate the loyalty program into all their email marketing and throughout their site for consistent messaging.

Encourage repeat purchases with loyalty tiers

Loyalty tiers are a great way to encourage your customers to spend repeatedly.

Dr. Axe has a special tier for VIP members. VIP members receive double the amount of points for their birthday. This segment of members can be targeted specifically for promotions using LoyaltyLion’s built-in emails or integrations with popular email marketing software.