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Case studies

See how LoyaltyLion has helped top stores increase revenue

Case study: In 3 months loyalty program members spent $2.35m more than non-members

See how Dr Axe used in cart rewards to increase reward redemption by 300%.

Case study: 100% PURE generate $8,200 a week from referrals via LoyaltyLion

See how 100% Pure implemented LoyaltyLion across their physical and online stores to create an omnichannel loyalty program.

Case study: The Chivery generated over $135,000 in the first month of using LoyaltyLion

See how The Chivery leveraged LoyaltyLion's customisation options to create a loyalty program perfectly matching their website and social media presence.

Case study: CheapUndies generated $148,000 via LoyaltyLion in their first 12 months

See how CheapUndies increased AOV by 80%.

Case study: Beef&Steak gains 2,114 new visitors worth $1,412 using LoyaltyLion

See how Beef&Steak used LoyaltyLion’s refer-a-friend feature to reward online customer referrals and increase their social reach.