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LoyaltyLion Academy modules

The building blocks of loyalty

Understand the loyalty lifecycle, and find out everything you need to know about launching a loyalty program, from who should own it, to how to measure it’s success.

Why it’s important to invest in customer retention

From measuring customer lifetime value to designing your points and rewards in a way that keeps customers coming back, dig into the challenges of retaining loyal customers.

How to drive up repeat purchase rates

Whether it’s limiting guest checkouts and basket abandonment, or using rewards to increase average order value and purchase frequency, get up to speed on repeat purchase.

The danger of at-risk customers

Find out how to calculate the lost revenue from your at-risk customers, and learn how you could use rewards to re-engage those who are in need of winning back.

Opportunities to interact

From onboarding into your program, to ongoing communication, find out how to effectively engage with your loyal customer base at every stage of their journey.

Turn customers into advocates

Learn how to use a loyalty program to drive positive reviews and referrals, alongside everything you need to know about using social media to create a community of loyal customers.

The metrics that matter

From AOV to CLV and everything in between, find out which metrics are important, learn how to measure them and understand how they can help you make business decisions.

Seamless customer experiences

Find out why omnichannel loyalty is so important, and explore how to consistently deliver it across online, offline and mobile experiences.