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What the Price Rules API means for Shopify merchants

With so many fantastic announcements from the Shopify Unite conference in April, the one we were most excited to hear about was the new Price Rules API. This awesome new feature enables LoyaltyLion to create automatic vouchers as rewards are claimed, so Shopify merchants no longer need to import discount codes manually.


One of the key takeaways from Shopify Unite was that almost one in five sales completed online last year were completed using a discount code. Shopify Product Manager Daria Kourilina also noted that merchants with an active discount code were eight times more likely to make a sale. This new Price Rule is of course great news for Shopify merchants who understand how much of an incentive discounts are in encouraging customers to shop more often.

Previously only Shopify Plus merchants could use the Discounts API to manually import discount codes, but this announcement means all Shopify merchants can now get automatic vouchers created whether they are a new or current LoyaltyLion customer.

The new Price Rules has kept all of the original features of the Discounts API including discount code creation and fixed percent discount. Unlike the previous API however, you’re no more limited to simple percentage based (e.g. 15 % off your order) or fixed amount discounts (e.g. $10 off a purchase of $50 or more), the new Price Rules API has much more flexibility. Now merchants can apply discounts to multiple products and combine conditions to create certain discounts like shipping vouchers valid only in particular countries.

One of the key benefits of the new Price Rules is that it gives merchants the ability to create new and more sophisticated discounts. With our fast voucher creation, LoyaltyLion customers have complete control and can effectively set up their rewards without a second thought. LoyaltyLion’s easy to use merchant dashboard will also make recommendations on the most suitable discounts to offer to customers to make the process pain free for merchants.

We are hoping the new Price Rule will help merchants get the very best from their loyalty program and will allow them to be more creative with their customer discount codes. With many customers often making purchases due to special offers or loyalty rewards, this new announcement can have a significant impact on store revenues.

Speak to LoyaltyLion today about how to get the best from the Price Rules API and if you’re still seeing instructions for importing codes manually, please log into LoyaltyLion again from your Shopify apps page.

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