Guest post: Ways to promote your loyalty program to increase Shopify sales

Online shoppers have at least ten stores to choose from when making a purchase. That’s why they no longer feel the need to remain loyal to a brand. They’d go to any store txhat offers them a better range of products, discounts, and deals. But knowing that loyal customers can increase Shopify sales and profits by 25% to 95%, how does one not think about re-engaging customers? That’s where loyalty programs come in.

A typical loyalty program offers the customer free gifts, exclusive discounts, access to early product releases and even points that they can redeem in purchases. While there’s a lot that a shopper gets from a loyalty program, it is hard to get them to join it. More often than not it is simply because they haven’t even seen it.

Yes, you have set up a landing page for your loyalty program. You have even added a link to it on your home page and a banner promotion is dedicated to it. But that’s not enough.

In this article, we’re sharing a few ways in which you can promote a loyalty program to increase participation, engagement and your store sales.

How to promote your loyalty program to increase Shopify sales

1. Email marketing

Emails are still the most effective channel when it comes to communicating with shoppers. In fact, email marketing has proven to deliver a 122% ROI for businesses. So why use it only for transactional emails or shipping notifications?

Use loyalty emails on LoyaltyLion to keep your customers engaged with your loyalty program. Let them know what they gain by joining the program, highlighting the benefits clearly. But most importantly, clearly lay out how they can join the loyalty program and make sure it is easy for them to do so after reading your email.

Here’s an example:

Email Marketing Increase Shopify Sales

You can also have a small section in your weekly newsletters to promote your loyalty program. It will serve as a continual reminder to the shopper of what value it has to offer.

2. Web push notifications

A lot of online stores are using web push notifications to send timely and relevant updates about product promotions, offers, sales, and discounts. The channel is said to get 3X higher click-through rates than traditional marketing channels. That’s why you should use web push notifications from providers such as Pushowl to promote your loyalty program.

Using a crisp push message, reach out to your customers and subscribers. Let them know that coming back to make another purchase has some rewards in store for them. Link them to your loyalty program landing page for further information and easy participation. Make these web push messages regular in your customer engagement campaigns.

Here’s an example of a web push notification promoting a loyalty program:

Web Push Notifications Increase Shopify Sales

Remember, this campaign is only effective when you use smart segmentation to reach active users. A shopper needs to be familiar with your brand to be willing to join your loyalty program.

3. Social media marketing

You’re using social media to engage your target shoppers already. You’re sharing product images, offers , and even videos. Now take this up a notch and boost your customer engagement by promoting your loyalty program. This will increase your program’s visibility amidst shoppers who are already following your brand and are more likely to convert on it.

All you need to do is schedule an eye-catching post at a time and day where you see peak engagement on your social profile. Use the caption to explain the shopper a little about the benefits of your loyalty program and don’t forget to link them to where they can join it.

Here’s an example:

Social Media Increase Shopify Sales

Just like in the other tactics, social media promotion should not be a one-off. Make it a point to share your loyalty program on social media regularly.

You can also invest in paid campaigns to reach more target audience on social media and boost participation in your loyalty program. Read more to learn how. 

4. Messenger marketing

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular mobile messenger apps today. With over 70 million daily active users, it is safe to say that it is a great platform for online stores to engage with their customers to increase Shopify sales. While a lot of stores are already using the Messenger to promote deals, provide shipping information and recover carts, you can also use it to promote your loyalty program.

Just like the above-mentioned campaigns, you can set up automated Messenger messages using apps like Flashchat to engage active shoppers. Reach out to them and let them know of your loyalty program. Show them how much they can save on their next purchase by joining it or the exclusive deals they can get access to.

Remember, it is important to segment your campaign in such a way that it gets promoted to your existing customers. Here too, it the tactic is effective when the shopper has had a great experience with your brand already.

5. Pop-up windows

Pop-ups have always been effective at grabbing a shopper’s attention. So this time around, use your pop-up to do more than just collect email addresses or social media follows. Use it to promote your loyalty program – especially to returning visitors, who may have already subscribed to your newsletter and has followed you on social too.

Right from the design of your pop-up to the copy, make sure that your message is crystal clear. You want the shopper to feel the need for the rewards you’re offering. Make sure you’re giving a glimpse of what’s to be won as well and clear call-to-action to join the program.

Here’s an example of a pop-up using an image that depicts the joy of winning rewards:

Popup Increase Shopify Sales

6. On-site notifications

Another effective way to promote your loyalty program is to use on-site notifications. The channel has been used extensively by stores to share recent purchases with shoppers that are actively browsing the site and to create a sense of urgency around the products they are interested in.

With a quick on-site notification, you can let your shoppers know of your loyalty program. Link them to your landing page so they can learn more about it. Keep your message crisp, clear and interesting to get maximum click-throughs!

Here’s an example of an on-site notification promoting a loyalty program:

On Site Notification Increase Shopify Sales

7. SMS marketing

Now your shopper may not always be online or on any of the social media platforms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach them in their downtime and bring them back to your store to purchase more. With text messaging, you can promote your loyalty program to engage your existing shoppers.

Let them know of the points that await them and how they can earn more to win bigger discounts on purchases. But remember to keep the message crystal clear and brief. With apps like SMSBump, you can automate your loyalty program promotion campaigns as well.

Here’s an example of a text message promoting a loyalty program:

“Want to win $50 off on your next purchase? Sign up to our new loyalty program today! Learn more here:”

Loyalty programs to increase Shopify sales

A loyalty program gets you repeat purchases. But most importantly, it makes the shoppers see the value your brand has to offer to them. That’s what makes them come back for more, or even recommend it amidst their friends and family.

In fact, you’ll be surprised that more than half of online shoppers are more than willing to join a loyalty program to avail discounts or win freebies. All you need to do is find the most effective way to get your loyalty program noticed!

Have you run a loyalty program for your store? What did you do to promote it and get maximum participation from your target shoppers? We’d love to learn from you.

About the author

Vanhishikha Bhargava is the Content Marketer at PushOwl, a Shopify app that enables online stores to engage and convert shoppers with web push notifications. You can follow her blogs here or connect with her on LinkedIn.