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Loyalty program emails: How to rewrite them to drive better customer engagement

With email users receiving an average of 88 emails each day, and six in ten email users saying they receive too many promotional messages, there’s no doubt that we need to tread a little carefully when it comes to email marketing. But have you ever thought about sending loyalty program emails to grab the attention of your customers?

Loyalty programs provide the perfect opportunity to capture customer data. However with that comes the expectation that every email you send will be personalized, and relevant. Members can unsubscribe as easily as anyone else, but with these tweaks your customers won’t just open your emails, they’ll look forward to them and act upon them. We will look at different types of loyalty program emails you could be sending, such as:

  • Welcome emails
  • Rewards reminders and notifications
  • Re-engagement emails

Welcome emails

Sending loyalty program emails that welcome new members into your program might seem like a no-brainer. However, this email sets the tone for the rest of your relationship with that customer so it’s an important one to get right.

Top tip: Make it personal

This is an opportunity to tell customers more about your brand – what do you stand for, what do you care about and what are your values? With 65% of customers saying their buying decisions are based on their beliefs, take this opportunity to show them that you are aligned.

A good example of this comes from beauty ecommerce retailer, 100% Pure, who use their loyalty program emails to remind customers that their products are natural and cruelty-free.


Top tip: Make it useful

It’s easy to assume that because a customer has registered to join your program, they’re clued up on how they are going to benefit. The truth is, most people will need a reminder. Use your loyalty program welcome email to fill in the gaps and remind them why joining was such a great decision.

Headstart Shop use their welcome email to outline the different ways that you can earn points, from purchases and referrals to social media likes. 


Top tip: Make it motivational

As well as reminding customers why they joined the program, use your loyalty program emails to give them the motivation to take their first action. Let them know how many points they have earned simply by joining, and then give some quantifiable ideas of how they can reach their next milestone.

Dr Axe’s loyalty program emails not only let you know that you have earned 50 points by creating an account, but also tell you that you only need 50 more to get your first free product, suggesting various ways that you could earn those points straight away.


Rewards reminders and notifications

57% of loyalty program members don’t know their points balance, and 38% are unaware of their points value. As such, reward reminders and points balance notifications are an important part of your program, giving you a no-nonsense way to encourage customers back to your site sooner.

Top tip: Make it informative

There’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer than being reminded that they have a reward, only to find it difficult to redeem it. Lay out all the information clearly in your loyalty program emails, including what the available reward is, how it can be redeemed and when it expires.

Members of the Vitality healthcare scheme receive clear instructions each time they earn a free Starbucks hot drink.


Top tip: Make it aspirational

There’s a fine balance to be struck in sending points notification emails to customers who are still a long way from being able to benefit. Monthly statements are sent on a rhythm regardless of the customers’ points balance. However, when sending loyalty program emails reminding customers that they have points or motivating them to use them, ensure that you are only sending to those who are past a certain threshold in order to avoid de-motivating them rather than piquing their interest.

Re-engagement emails

In an ideal world, once a customer has joined your loyalty program your work is done. In reality, some of them will be at risk, having not made a second purchase within an expected timeframe (which varies by industry). Re-engagement emails can help you win back those customers, but they need to stand out from all the other messages hitting their inboxes.

Top tip: Make them feel special

Your loyalty program emails should let your customers know that you value them and it will be worth their while returning to your store. Use these opportunities to surprise and delight your customers with benefits such as early access to new products or unique special offers. Make sure your loyalty program emails don’t get lost by making it clear in your subject line and email copy that these perks are exclusive and not available to everyone.

Top tip: Make it tailored

The best way to re-engage a customer is to show that you know them. Tailor re-engagement emails with information and offers that relate to products shoppers have already taken an interest in or purchased before.

For example, Peach and Lily bring customers back to their store with emails letting you know that favourite products you’ve purchased previously are back in stock.


Top tip: Make it seasonal

Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day have long been important dates in the retail calendar. But think of all the other occasions and holidays that you could use to get back in touch with customers and offer them a reason to return.

gDiapers used Earth Day as a vehicle to re-engage their at risk customers, offering 20% off their eco-friendly disposable products.

Veeqo have put together a full calendar of key retail dates for 2019 which can help you plan for seasonal campaigns.


Email effectiveness is a growing challenge for retailers as we enter a world post-GDPR. However, loyalty program emails perform on average 14 times better than the average marketing emails. If you’d like to discuss the performance of your loyalty emails with one of the team, please get in touch. Alternatively, check out our LoyaltyLion Academy which includes 7 free modules, including “Driving customer engagement” which provides an in-depth look into the loyalty program emails you should be sending. 

From onboarding to ongoing communication, find out how to effectively engage loyal customers at every stage with our free LoyaltyLion Academy tutorials. 

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