Customer Value Snapshot

Unlock real insights about your customers to increase their engagement and lifetime value.

LoyaltyLion’s Customer Value Snapshot gives you access to a comprehensive analysis of your customer’s buying behavior. Using loyalty insights delivered directly to your dashboard, you can build a better understanding of each customers’ value to your store, helping you direct your marketing efforts to generate more revenue.

See the value of your customer segments

The Customer Value Snapshot shows you the spend, average order value, and repeat purchase rates of both your loyalty program members and guest shoppers. This helps you to evaluate your program’s performance and understand when it’s time to invest more effort in converting guests to members.

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Understand repeat purchase behaviors

Acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining your existing customers. This means powering repeat purchase is one of the most cost-effective ways of driving more revenue. The Customer Value Snapshot allows you to see the conversion rates of each of your customer segments, helping you better understand at what point each group is dropping off and failing to return to your store.

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Prioritize your valuable customers

The Customer Value Snapshot segments your loyal, at-risk and churned customers so that you can unlock real insights and deliver more targeted communications. Use this data and insight to enhance your loyalty emails or real-time on-site notifications. Deliver more personalized customer experiences that will make your valuable customers feel like VIPs, and help you re-convert those who are at risk of churning.

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Get the most from your program

Keep unlocking insights, and use LoyaltyLion Campaigns to A/B test and learn from them. With loyalty data delivered in real-time, you can optimize your loyalty program and accelerate your marketing efforts.

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