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Customer Value Snapshot

Unlock customer insights to increase engagement and drive more repeat purchases.

LoyaltyLion’s Customer Value Snapshot gives you real-time access to your customer’s buying behavior. Use loyalty insights to build a clear understanding of each customers’ value to your store, helping you better direct your marketing efforts to generate even more revenue.

Get to know your customer segments

The Customer Value Snapshot shows you the drop-off rates , repeat purchase rates, and average order value of your members, non-members and redeeming members. This helps you evaluate your program’s performance and make educated decisions about your loyalty strategy.

Customer Value Snapshot Loyaltylion1

Fine-tune repeat purchasing patterns

Powering repeat purchase rates is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive more revenue for your brand. The Customer Value Snapshot allows you to see the conversion rates of each of your customer segments, helping you better understand at what point each group is dropping off and where you need to intervene in order to secure that next purchase.

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Get even more from value from your VIPs

The Customer Value Snapshot segments your loyal, at-risk and churned customers so that you can deliver more targeted communications. Use this data to enhance your loyalty communications, delivering more personalized customer experiences to your VIPs that will make them come back and shop with you sooner. You can also re-convert customers who are at risk of churning by suprising and delighting them with loyalty points.

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Test and interate to get the best out of your program

Use the Customer Value Snapshot to uncover  insights that can influence your A/B tests in LoyaltyLion Campaigns. With loyalty data delivered in real-time, you can optimize your loyalty program and accelerate your efforts to drive even more repeat purchases.

  Customer Value Snapshot Loyaltylion

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