New feature: Introducing referrals for BigCommerce merchants

We’re excited to announce our latest feature for BigCommerce merchants, who can now get started with our referral functionality. In the fast growing ecommerce industry, merchants face significant challenges around rising acquisition costs and customer retention. Referrals offer a cost-effective method of acquiring new customers while engaging and strengthening relationships with existing loyalty members.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools. A customer that has been referred to your store by a friend or family member is four times more likely to complete a purchase.  Our referral functionality allows loyal customers to refer their friends and family, while being rewarded for doing so. This feature has generated up to $244,000 in referral revenue for LoyaltyLion clients.  

74% of consumers agree that word-of-mouth is a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. Your current loyalty members are your biggest fans, so use this to your advantage and incentivise them to refer-a-friend. LoyaltyLion’s referral feature makes it easy for a member to make a referral with a personalised link via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or email. The feature offers both the existing and referred customers an incentive to make a future purchase, resulting in more qualified web traffic, higher conversion rates and positive brand awareness. Learn more about how you can drive referrals with your loyalty program in our LoyaltyLion Academy. 

The referral feature can be added into your current loyalty program as a new “Refer-A-Friend“ rule . This gives you the ability to customise the existing customers reward and the referred friend’s incentive in the form of shipping or a discount.


Find out how other LoyaltyLion merchants have seen success using referrals in our case studies below. To discuss adding referrals to your BigCommerce store, get in touch with one of our team.

-100% Pure received $244k in additional revenue from referrals:

-The Chive received 6,800 visitors monthly from referrals:

-June and January’s loyal customers brought in 1058 new customers from referrals: