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Loyalty Tiers

A tiered loyalty program encourages customers to repeat purchase and engage more by offering exclusive rewards and perks. Give your customers more reasons to return to your store with loyalty tiers.

Increase the customer lifetime value

74% of customers are motivated to be loyal by the feeling that they are working towards a goal or reward. Offer bigger and better benefits in each tier to encourage your customers to return, engage and spend more.

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Solidify your brand identity

Incorporate your unique brand values into your loyalty program structure. You can use your tier statuses and rewards to enhance your store’s identity, reminding customers that you share their values and strengthening relationships with your shoppers.

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Make customers feel like VIPs

Use tiers to identify and segment your most VIP customers, and give them exclusive access to benefits such as secret launches and early sales. This will show how much you value them and help you enhance engagement further across all channels.

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Generate additional revenue

Thanks to repeated payments, a subscriber tier allows you to predict revenue and scale your business faster. That’s why by 2023, 75% of businesses that sell DTC are expected to provide subscriptions. Use your loyalty program to create a subscriber tier that offers exclusive benefits and rewards. By integrating LoyaltyLion with ReCharge, enable customers to subscribe to any of your products within your store and bring additional revenue.

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Use loyalty tiers to set your store apart

World-leading ecommerce brands including Cupshe, Dr. Axe and Skinnydip are using loyalty tiers to increase repeat purchase and get more from their loyalty program.

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