Mobile friendly loyalty panel is live across all stores

With mobile purchases accounting for over 50% of all ecommerce traffic, merchants must ensure they are providing customers with an easy shopping experience on their online store. LoyaltyLion is of course well aware of the growing mobile commerce trend so have introduced a mobile version of the loyalty panel that opens directly on your store’s domain.

Previously, the loyalty panel would open on a separate LoyaltyLion domain away from the store. Now after taking into account feedback from merchants, the loyalty panel loads quickly on-page for a smoother and more seamless customer experience.

So what are the main benefits of this update for merchants and most importantly customers? For merchants the great news is that the mobile update is automatic so you won’t have to lift a finger to see the changes on your online store. For customers accessing the loyalty program on their mobiles, they will enjoy an improved user experience, deeper levels of trust in your brand as well as increased engagement as they earn and spend points.

Ultimately, this update is in response to changing shopping behaviours of customers and with the relentless growth of mobile commerce, LoyaltyLion is helping merchants remain competitive in an ever-crowded market.

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