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Ecommerce Espresso: LoyaltyLion and Starshipit

Starshipit joined LoyaltyLion’s mini-webinar series to talk about the customer expectations for a seamless shopping expeirnce, which are higher than ever.

This episode Mark Cooper, Sales and Partnership Manager at Starshipit, give tips on how to improve your customer satisfaction. He will also advise on the following topics:

  • Building strong customer relationships amid supply chain issues
  • Using the post-purchase experience to build customer loyalty
  • The next big trend in ecommerce fulfillment

About the speaker and Starshipit

Mark Cooper, Sales and Partnerships Manager at Starshipit

Starshipit has everythng you need to effortlessly manage your online orders so you can spend more time working on your business.

The software is the leading provider of integrated and automated fulfilment solutions for online businesses of every age and stage. Integrating with a large range of couriers and ecommerce platform, it streamlines evey step of your fulfilment process, including:

  • Reduced handling time
  • Minimized human error
  • Improved customer experience

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