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Ecommerce Espresso: LoyaltyLion and ShipStation

ShipStation multichannel order and delivery managment platform, have joined our mini-webinar series, Ecommerce Espresso.

Max Imfeld, Sales Manager at ShipStation, came discuss the ever-changing ecommerce industry.

42% of consumers are expecting to spend more online in 2021 than they did in 2020. Watch the webinar to learn strategies for retention and customer loyalty. Max talks about:

  • How to retain customers in multiple markets
  • Managing the increase in order volume over BFCM weekend
  • How delivery experience affects customer loyalty

About the speaker and ShipStation:

Max Imfeld, Sales Manager at ShipStation

ShipStation is the leading web-based order managemnet and shipping software. It is designed to make retailers exceptionally efficient at processing, fulfilling, and shipping their ecommerce orders.

They combine order processing, inventory managment, creation of shipping labels, and customer communication all into one easy-to-use interface that integrates directly with over 100 of the industry’s top carriers, marketplaces, and selling channels.

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