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Ecommerce Espresso: LoyaltyLion and Glew

Vice President of Glew, Laura Brooks, joined out mini-webinar series, Ecommerce Espresso. She talks about all things performance data and analytics.

With only 45% of small businesses actively tracking their performance data, Laura brings backs attention to the importance of using analytics to your benefit.

Laura also discusses:

  • The most important data points for loyalty and retention
  • Using loyalty data to drive customer acquisition
  • Preparing for Apple’s iOS 15 changes

About the speaker and Glew:

Vice President for Client Success from Glew, Laura Brooks

Laura Brooks, Vice President for Client Success from Glew, helps deliver high-quality analytics for customers. The intelligence platform helps merchants to conect, transform and visiualise all of one’s data in one place.

Laura and her team combine and bring the data together to help businesses take action easier and faster.

Glew is an all-in-one business intelligence platform, built for brands that sell online. Glew was founded to create a simpler, more stramlined approach to business intelligence.

One that was as powerful as existing enterprise platforms, but faster to set up, easier to use, and more accessible for the people who need it.

About the author

Michelle Sarkisyan

Michelle is the Website Optimization Executive at LoyaltyLion, a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform for fast-growth ecommerce merchants. After graduating in Journalism from City, University of London, Michelle has worked as an editorial assistant, social media content contributor and freelance content writer. Michelle manages content for, making sure website visitors get the best user experience and quality content about customer loyalty and retention.

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