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Enroll in the LoyaltyLion Academy – ecommerce’s number one loyalty marketing course – to start your learning journey from customer retention rookie to loyalty legend. 

Our modules, tutorials, and videos will transform you into the customer loyalty expert in your business.

They cover everything you need to know from the basics of how to get repeat customers in retail to the advanced loyalty analytics and insights you need to track. 

Benefits of the loyalty academy

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We eat, sleep and breathe loyalty. We’ve distilled all that knowledge into the loyalty academy so you get the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge on the subject. You’ll get loyalty training that will make immediate improvements to your lifetime value, retention rates, and customer relationships. After you’ve completed all the modules you’ll get a sharable, personalized certificate marking you as a go-to loyalty expert.
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A message from Charlie Casey, CEO of LoyaltyLion

We created LoyaltyLion back in 2012 because we knew that retailers needed to do more when it came to retaining loyal customers and building emotional connections. With all this experience it felt like the right time to share everything we’ve learned with retailers, just like you. 

That’s why we’re excited to launch this new and improved collection of loyalty marketing courses. We cover all the retention training you need to build a business case for loyalty, set up a program, and measure its success. We hope you enjoy!

Loyalty Academy FAQs

Is the LoyaltyLion Academy really free?

Yes. We love giving away this retention training course for free to help ecommerce brands build engaged customer communities from day one and scale in sustainable ways. 

What additional benefits does this loyalty marketing course provide?

After completing the LoyaltyLion Academy, you won’t only be left equipped with the skills to do your current job better, you’ll also be able to add the qualification to your CV and LinkedIn to show you’re an ideal candidate for any future roles you go for.

What do I get when I complete the loyalty academy?

Lots of knowledge of how to get repeat business from customers (of course), a certificate, and a graduate pack that includes a social tile, website badge, and step-by-step guide to adding the qualification to your LinkedIn profile so you can share your achievement with your wider network.

How long does the loyalty academy take to complete?

We estimate that LoyaltyLion Academy will take you about seven hours to complete. You can always drop in and out whenever suits you.

Will the loyalty academy be updated?

We’ll update the LoyaltyLion Academy content all the time to make sure our loyalty marketing training is up to date. If there’s anything in particular you want to learn about that you think we’ve missed, email marketing@loyaltylion.com.

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