LoyaltyLion launches Magento 2 Integration

With Magento being one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market, LoyaltyLion are pleased to announce we have launched our Magento 2 extension. Older Magento extensions chose to deep embed themselves within Magento; this often led to issues such as extensions conflicting with one another or delays to page load times. Since LoyaltyLion is cloud based, merchants upgrading to Magento 2 avoid both of these pitfalls. If your store is ready to supercharge customer loyalty and improve engagement rates, learn how our Magento 2 extension will help boost sales.

Essential enterprise features

If you are a high volume merchant processing over 800 orders per month on Magento, your store will benefit from premium features to give you that competitive edge:

  • VIP loyalty tiers of bronze, silver and gold to show your most loyal customers they are valued whilst also motivating shoppers to purchase more and achieve higher statuses
  • Built in friend referrals so customers can quickly and easily share your store with peers and earn points for doing so
  • Scale and stability for high volume merchants; we have a have a strong track record of supporting huge stores with millions of visitors a month


Advanced analytics

Loyalty programs are built on data – merchants looking for deeper insights into customer behaviour can also access our analytics dashboard to see how their loyalty program is performing and fine tune it accordingly:

  • Identify your store’s most loyal customers and reward them for their ongoing usage of the program
  • Monitor how many points have been earned and spent for internal reporting
  • Flag customers who may be at risk of disengaging or may need to be reintroduced to your brand
  • Keep track of how the program is progressing and pinpoint areas for development with the help of our team

If you already have a loyalty program on Magento and want to upgrade to LoyaltyLion when you migrate to Magento 2, please contact our team on sales@loyaltylion.com and we can help with your migration. For more information about the benefits of LoyaltyLion for Magento 2, please contact us to book a demo and see all the fantastic features for yourself.

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