Attending IRCE? Here’s how the event can help you improve your loyalty strategy

The countdown is ticking. This time next week our loyalty specialists, Joe, Jasper, Kerri and Fjolla, will be all set up in booth #659, in the Shopify Plus area at IRCE.
Meet Loyaltylion At Irce

Ahead of the big event, we created a five-step checklist that will help you get the most of your time at IRCE. In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into one step in particular: Identifying the gaps in your tech stack.

Today it’s now easier for merchants of all sizes to access a whole suite of services. From managing payments, improving your marketing to smoothing out your shipping, there will be a service out there that will help you simplify the running of your online store.

As we mentioned before, attending IRCE is the perfect opportunity to review your existing tech stack and identify the gaps you may have. It’s also the ideal time to research how you could be elevating your existing tools further and to learn about new integrations you may not know about already.

But why is this important? Our experience shows that when you integrate areas of your tech stack together, not only will your marketing be more streamlined, but you’ll also be able to create a coherent experience your customers will enjoy engaging with.

In this blog, we’re going to expand on the other tools LoyaltyLion integrates with that will help you elevate your loyalty strategy and where you can find them at IRCE.

Let’s get started.

Email service providers (ESPs)

Emails are a vital part of any loyalty strategy. They allow you to keep engaging with your customers between purchases with exclusive points and rewards. And this works wonders – 80% of retail professionals have stated email marketing as their greatest driver of customer retention.

By integrating LoyaltyLion with your ESP, you can use the loyalty data you’ve acquired to send personalised loyalty emails to your customers. These could display products related to their first purchase, and the loyalty points they’ll earn if they purchase them. Or, notify them of their points balance and the ways they can keep earning.

From the ESPs LoyaltyLion integrated with, here are the ones attending IRCE and where you can find them:

Dotdigital – booth #337

Klaviyo – booth #360

Omnisend – booth #1264

Oracle Bronto – booth #1915

Help desks

A help desk provider is a great way to organise and respond to customer queries in a more meaningful way. When a customer faces a problem, you can show them that you care by gifting them loyalty points. This is incredibly important considering that 95% of customers have said they would return to a store if their issue is solved painlessly.

You can also empower your customer service team to reward loyalty points through your help desk to show your customers that you value them on a personal level.

Currently, LoyaltyLion integrates with the two help desk providers and here’s where you can find them at IRCE:

Gorgias – booth #465

Zendesk – booth #2149


The subscription market is currently booming and is set to be worth £1 billion by 2022. Why? Because customers today expect flexibility and convenience wherever they’re shopping. And, for merchants, subscriptions place customers into long-term spending cycles.

With LoyaltyLion, you can easily incentivise more customers to sign up to your subscription services by offering points and rewards. You could also consider adding an additional tier with exclusive rewards for subscribers only. If they see the immediate benefit, they’ll be more likely to sign up to you long term.

When it comes to subscriptions LoyaltyLion currently integrates with ReCharge. At IRCE you can find them at booth #466.


LoyaltyLion seamlessly integrates with review platforms so you can reward your customers loyalty points in exchange for reviews. This way, new customers have more evidence to go by when choosing to purchase from you.

When you’re at IRCE, we recommend checking out Trustpilot at booth #1163 for all your review platform needs.


Many retailers see the benefit of a loyalty program, but there’s a misconception that maintaining one takes a lot of time. Luckily LoyaltyLion integrates with Shopify Flow.

This means you can take the legwork out of managing your program and let your loyalty program run smoothly thanks to automated triggers and actions.

When you’re at IRCE next week, be sure to check out Shopify Plus’ area (booth #561) and discover the smart ways you can use Shopify Flow to automate your loyalty program.

See you there

Hopefully, this has given you a little insight into the many ways you can elevate your loyalty strategy and how to use your time effectively at IRCE to talk to the right people.

If you need any more guidance, we’ll be on hand to answer all your loyalty queries at booth #659.

See you in Chicago!

Team LoyaltyLion

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