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Make your valuable customers feel at home with a multi-lingual loyalty program.

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Weglot is a simple, fast translation solution that lets you display your website’s frontend content in more than 100 languages – without the need for code.

Why LoyaltyLion and Weglot?

Localized shopping experiences are proven to drive greater customer engagement. Research shows that 72% of shoppers are more likely to buy from sites written in their native language. Imagine how much better your loyalty program would resonate with customers if it was localized.

Using Weglot and LoyaltyLion together lets you communicate with your loyal consumers in over 100 languages. Tailoring the language of your loyalty program to your members will drive engagement and help customers build a connection with your brand.

Feel local despite being global

Whether your domestic market has multiple languages, or you’re expanding into new countries, communicating in your customer’s preferred language is crucial to engaging and retaining them.

Why? Having your loyalty program displayed in a language that your customers can’t understand will leave them feeling frustrated and shopping elsewhere. Increase conversion rates and connect with customers by speaking their language across the entire buying journey.

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Turn customers in new markets into brand advocates

When scaling your brand internationally, you may find yourself entering a crowded market and looking to build brand recognition and loyalty from scratch.

Weglot’s translation capabilities help you reach a wider audience, and when connected to your loyalty program give you the best chance of retaining new customers. Incentivize brand advocacy by rewarding loyalty members for referring their friends.  By doing so, you’ll acquire more customers at the fraction of the cost of other digital channels.

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Quick and easy set-up

Translating your loyalty program with Weglot is easy. Simply install Weglot and it will adapt to your technology and display your frontend content in your selected languages.

Leaders in the space

You can be assured that your brand is in safe hands with LoyaltyLion and Weglot. In 2022, both platforms have been awarded G2 ‘Leader’ status.

What exactly does this mean? The G2 report identifies leaders across tools by analyzing real customers’ reviews as well as the company’s market presence. Read on to see why we’re a Loyalty Leader.

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Use LoyaltyLion and Weglot to enhance your loyalty program now

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