How to prepare for Black Friday Cyber Monday

This post was updated by the editor on 21/09/2020.

Infamous for its dizzying levels of frenzy, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is undoubtedly one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

In the run-up to the festive season, brands big and small offer generous discounts and deals for customers hoping to snag pre-Christmas bargains.

The impact of the BFCM weekend is staggering. In 2019, Shopify merchants collectively made over $2.9 billion USD in sales over the BFCM weekend.

With competition so fierce, retailers are starting to offer deals and discounts earlier and earlier in an effort to upstage Black Friday itself. Last year, the number of deals actually hit their peak the week before Thanksgiving.

If shoppers are turning their minds towards Christmas deals earlier, it’s crucial to start fostering relationships with your existing customers in the run-up to BFCM, not just once the event has arrived.

This blog post sets out three key strategies you can implement ahead of BFCM to remind your customers why you’re such a great brand fit for them and the benefits they get from shopping with you – and not your competition – over the pre-holiday period.Bfcm 2019 Learnings

1. Remind your customers they have points to spend

Last year, merchants using LoyaltyLion rewarded 1.9x as many points as they would on a normal weekend. 

Clearly, customers are interested in engaging with loyalty programs over the discount season. They’re demonstrating loyalty towards their favorite brands where they can earn and redeem points – even over the ease and convenience of using Amazon.

If your customers have points to redeem then let them know! Before BFCM weekend, send out a friendly email reminder to let your customers know the good news. You can even let them know about promotional offers they can take advantage of to gain more loyalty points in the run-up to the holiday season.

Lingerie and sleepwear brand, Brayola, do this brilliantly by sending reminders to their customers outlining how many available points they have on their account, and the ways they can be redeemed.


Brayola Reward Reminders


2. Make it easy for customers to earn and save points prior to BFCM

Prepare your customers and lay the groundwork for BFCM early by making points-earning easy and clear for the customer. Show new and old customers alike how to earn points in the run-up to BFCM so that when the big weekend rolls around, they’ll have earned enough to redeem against certain rewards.

A simple and easy-to-execute tip is to run on-site campaigns that tell your existing customers the additional ways they can earn points through your loyalty program. That might be through leaving a review, following you on social media or referring your brand to a friend.

Our research showed that 48% of customers are equally as likely to take the time to refer friends over BFCM weekend as on any other weekend – with an additional 28% being more likely to refer during BFCM. With stats like this, why not make referrals the center of your BFCM campaign? Your loyal customers will earn more points and you get more eyes on your website during the crucial selling period.

Skincare brand Manuka Doctor does exactly this. They put referrals front and center of their loyalty program by showing a pop-up box that tells the customer how many points they can earn by referring a friend. This encourages already loyal customers to refer others. At the same time, the referred customer will spend more as they have been recommended by someone they trust; customers acquired through referrals spend 200% more than the average customer. Learn more about Manuka Doctor’s approach to referrals by checking out the LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame.

Manuka Honey Referrals

3. Promote your loyalty program to new customers

The run-up to BFCM is a great time to acquire new customers and get them enrolled in your loyalty program. Make sure you clearly communicate the advantages of being a loyalty member across all customer touchpoints. For instance, share posts about the advantages of your loyalty offer on social media or launch an on-site pop-up that shows them what perks or discounts they’ll get if they join your program.

Our research showed that 41% of customers are just as likely to use the quick guest checkout when shopping over BFCM weekend. It’s therefore important to communicate the perks of your loyalty program and get them signed up to your program before BFCM comes around. This will be beneficial to them as much as it is for you – you gain new loyalty members and they can redeem points and get discounts over the big weekend.

For example, Gymdirect runs a series of pop-ups on their site that communicate the instant rewards customers get the moment they become a member.

Gym Direct Pop Up

Get yourself prepared for BFCM this year

In the lead up to the festive season – where every retailer has something to sell – it’s crucial to get new and existing customers engaging with your loyalty program before BFCM comes around. The three key strategies to implement in order to best prepare for BFCM are:

  • Reminding your customers of the points they have to spend
  • Making it easy for customers to earn and save points 
  • Promote your loyalty program to new customers

Want to learn more strategies to retain loyal customers this holiday season? Check out the LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame where we share the retention strategies of the best in the business.  

Loyaltylion Hall Of Fame 2020

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