Gorgias announces integration with LoyaltyLion

As customers continue to demand near immediate responses to their queries and complaints online, merchants face a challenge in providing a powerful enough solution to manage customer services effectively. This is why we are pleased to announce our latest integration with innovative helpdesk platform Gorgias. Their platform helps merchants communicate with customers across multiple channels whilst providing rich context on their profile. It also pulls data from integrated apps so your team can offer tailored customer support.

If you’re a Shopify merchant who uses LoyaltyLion and are looking for ways to improve your customer service and increase retention rates, learn more about our exciting integration with Gorgias and how your support team can save time and resources.

What is the benefit of the Gorgias integration with LoyaltyLion?

Merchants who already have LoyaltyLion can easily connect their loyalty program to Gorgias to display useful information about a customer’s points balance next to support tickets. Gorgias pulls all customer data from LoyaltyLion so the platforms are in perfect sync whenever points balances are updated. For example, when a customer contacts your store, you will be able to perform actions like adding new points to their balance from right within the Gorgias platform as well as reference the customer’s profile and order number. With the ability to access each customer’s points balance from within Gorgias, merchants are able to maximise productivity and serve customers quickly and efficiently.


What has been the experience of LoyaltyLion clients using Gorgias?

LoyaltyLion customer Darn Good Yarn were looking for a practical platform that provided a more holistic view of the customer. Since the operations team was based in a different location it was difficult for them to collaborate on support issues. They transitioned from FreshDesk to Gorgias to get a unified platform to respond more efficiently to customers. By accessing all integrated Shopify apps including LoyaltyLion, ShipStation and Recharge, team members have a richer overview of the customer’s profile. Team members can also subscribe to tickets and get updates following customer actions ensuring the whole team is on the same page. ‘We love being able to issue our customers loyalty points directly from Gorgias. It’s a great way to boost efficiency and also customer retention,’ says Chloe Kesler, Customer Support manager at Darn Good Yarn.

How are Shopify stores using Gorgias to improve customer services?

There are numerous ways Shopify merchants can use this unique helpdesk platform to provide speedy support to customers. When a customer complains that their package has been delayed, an advisor can respond immediately with a solution to the query and add points to their balance as an apology from within the Gorgias platform. Merchants can also customise any response to customers via transactional emails confirming orders and deliveries. Customers can be thanked for their custom with a points referral link to share with their friends and can be sent reminder emails about their points balance from right within the Giorgas platform. If your store has integrated with any of the other apps Gorgias integrates with including Stripe, Shipstation and Brightpearl, these can all be accessed via the Gorgias dashboard so if a customer is complaining about delivery or payment, you can quickly refer to their data in the dashboard. Finally, merchants can easily switch channels when interacting with customers so you are always using the customer’s preferred communication channel instead of expecting them to deal with outdated automated services.

How does Gorgias compare to other helpdesk platforms?

Gorgias was created for ecommerce purposes, specifically with Shopify stores in mind. It offers a broader unified view of the customer across email, chat and social media as well as a deeper app integration. One of the main differences is that Gorgias enables merchants to completely customise their customer sidebar displaying information from integrated apps by dragging and dropping relevant data points. Additionally, you can also perform actions on orders in Shopify without leaving the support ticket in Gorgias. By using all the available actions in the Shopify API, you can create macros to perform any task like editing an order, giving credit or sending a refund.

If you are a Shopify merchant and would like to know how your store can improve customer services and retention with this exciting integration, please contact welcome@gorgias.io.