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Create an on-brand, integrated loyalty program

Use our integrated loyalty program functionality to create a loyalty program as unique as your brand.

Build branded loyalty experiences

You can now use LoyaltyLion to create a fully on-brand, integrated loyalty program on your site.¬†Encourage program engagement with fully-customisable, on-brand loyalty components, visible at every stage of the customer journey. Create your page directly within your store’s code, with no need for a panel, iframe or pop up.

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A fully on-brand loyalty experience
Customise your loyalty program quickly and easily within your store's main theme so that it truly reflects your brand
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A unique URL for your loyalty program
Drive program engagement by directing people straight to your loyalty offering rather than relying on popups, iframes or widgets
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Increased visibility across your site
Make your program a natural part of every customer journey by embedding loyalty components on product or post-purchase pages

Using an integrated loyalty program to deliver an interactive, on-brand experience

Leading ecommerce brands including Dr. Axe, Pulse Boutique, Waterdrop, Astrid and Miyu and Pacifica Beauty use LoyaltyLion’s loyalty page functionality to extend the reach and results of their programs.


See the integrated loyalty program in action

Waterdrop loyalty program

A quick demo of the Integrated Loyalty Program








LoyaltyLion's interactive program is stupidly easy to develop with!

Dave Shaw, Chief Technical Officer at Swanky

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