theCHIVE run one gamified loyalty program across three connected websites

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“LoyaltyLion has proven to be the best loyalty vendor we could have chosen. We have over 40 million visitors a month and LoyaltyLion provided the customisation, scale and stability we needed.”

Alen Durbuzovic, CTO of Resignation Media & theCHIVE


The Chivery approached LoyaltyLion and explained that they wanted to increase customer loyalty and engagement. They were looking for a solution that would reward more than just purchases, be quick to implement and completely customisable. Rewarding more than purchases was particularly important because The Chivery has a highly social customer base.

Six months after launch they approached LoyaltyLion with another challenge: how to run one program across multiple websites.


The Chivery launched with LoyaltyLion in October 2015, initially rewarding account creations, referrals, visits and purchases. They used the LoyaltyLion Shopify app to speed up integration and then customised every element of the loyalty program using LoyaltyLion’s inbuilt CSS editors.

In early 2016, LoyaltyLion became the only loyalty software to integrate with Shopify Multipass. The Multipass functionality allows a seamless experience between a Shopify store and another online entity, normally a blog. This enabled The Chivery to expand their loyalty program to theCHIVE and connect the two. theCHIVE uses LoyaltyLion to gamify their entire blog. They reward over ten onsite activities including photo uploads, scoring and social sharing. They also use the points to create leaderboards which rank the ‘Chivers’. Fans are able to quickly navigate from theCHIVE to The Chivery via the loyalty program and have the same point totals. The points can be redeemed in store alongside purchases, thereby turning fans into paying customers.

A closer look at how theCHIVE uses LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement, retention and customer lifetime value

Connecting multiple sites using Shopify Multipass

TheChive uses LoyaltyLion and Shopify Multipass to connect their shop The Chivery with their blog at theCHIVE and their submission website iCHIVE. Users use a single account to access all sites and earn points by interacting with content — all of which can be redeemed at The Chivery shop.

Reward much more than purchases with gamification

theCHIVE have gamified their whole loyalty program, going well beyond giving points for purchases. Users of theCHIVE's network can gain points from over ten onsite activities including including photo uploads, scoring and social sharing. Points are displayed on a leaderboard for a bit of healthy competition.

Acquire new customers

Since theCHIVE is an online community, many new members are brought in via the refer-a-friend program. The network sees an average of 6,800 referred visitors per month. Their program offers a $10 voucher for the new referred member, as well as a generous amount of points given to the existing customer if their friend makes a purchase over $30.