Guest post: Three ways to maximise your customer loyalty with Facebook Ads

If you think about it, getting new customers is similar to making new friends  – it’s hard and time-consuming. This is why we appreciate the friendships we already have and make the effort to keep them. It is at least 5x more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain the one you already have. So, if you want to stay in business, you should think of the ways to establish a long-lasting, loyal and mutually useful relationships with your customers.

One way to achieve this is to reach out to them in places where they spend a lot of their time, such as on social media – and in particular, Facebook.

So what Facebook ad tactics can you use to get a loyalty boost for your online store?

  • Remind and re-engage with Retargeting
  • Persuade with Enhanced Cart Recovery
  • Offer more with Cross-Sell

Retargeting: Remind and re-engage

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The road to customer loyalty begins with the first step – a reminder. In the world where the amount of information we get every day is overwhelming, it’s easy to forget about the things that are really important.

Can you blame someone for coming to your store and then getting distracted? Of course not. What you can do, however, is remember what products the visitor was interested in and then show those items in an ad – that’s what retargeting is all about.

Retargeting lets you:

  • Start a personal conversation with a potential customer with an engaging ad message
  • Let the customer know more about your brand as each ad features a link to your Facebook page
  • Cut the advertising costs by showing only relevant products

Enhanced Cart Recovery: Persuade Optimize (2)

A decision to buy something online is made based on a variety of factors. Over 60% of shoppers won’t shop without a discount – or, at the very least, unless they check if discounts are available. These customers can also suddenly decide against buying from your store if they see unexpected shipping costs.

If the customer has added your product to cart – and left it there – you should double the effort you make to persuade them to finish the purchase. This is where Enhanced Cart Recovery comes in handy.

Enhanced Cart Recovery lets you:

  • Run ads only for people who left a product in the cart on your website
  • Further develop the dialogue with the customer as the ad message is more engaging and personal
  • Offer a small discount or free shipping as an  additional incentive to buy from your store

Cross-Sell: Offer more

Many inexperienced online store owners think that once a purchase is made and the product is delivered, the interaction with the customer stops. This couldn’t be more wrong – 65% of an average company’s business comes from their existing customers.

Urging people to make repeat purchases is not easy, but it can be done if you analyse your store order history thoroughly. See what items are frequently bought together, and, if a customer buys one of them, set up a cross-sell campaign which will offer the other product with a small perk or discount. After all, 92% of repeat purchases are made mainly because of the price of the product (as well as the value it brings).

Cross-Sell lets you:

  • Offer products which are complementary to your customer’s previous purchases
  • Foster customer loyalty with highly relevant recommendations
  • Show your customers that you care for them and understand their needs as this is what matters for at least 56% of customers

Repeat. Improve. Enhance.

The tactics mentioned above only work well if they continuously work together. As you proceed with each of these ad types, you learn more about your customers and can make adjustments to your campaigns. There is no such thing as a perfect ad and there’s always room for improvement and growth.

You shouldn’t do all this alone though. Make use of services that automatically run and optimise ads for you – such as RetargetApp – and companies that provide you with up-to-date customer analytics that help you win back the clients you may be losing such as LoyaltyLion.

Finally, be sure to make every client feel special.

About the author
Alex Yemets is the Marketing Content Manager at RetargetApp – an app that makes online advertising easy and efficient.

About RetargetApp:
RetargetApp is a web app which automatically creates and optimises ads for ecommerce stores powered by Shopify and BigCommerce.

RetargetApp analyses website visitors’ behaviour, and, based on it, runs a range of fully automated advertising campaigns aimed at boosting sales.