Campaigns - making you and your loyalty program more successful

Implement and A/B test your creative ideas to keep influencing customer behaviour and increasing revenue

Campaigns is a new area within the LoyaltyLion platform, which will allow you to A/B test different scenarios to improve the performance of your loyalty program. Through time-limited experiments, learn how to influence customer behaviour and where to focus to generate the greatest ROI with your loyalty marketing software.

Using LoyaltyLion Campaigns, you can:

Increase loyalty program impact
Be more creative with your loyalty program, finding new ways to unlock positive customer behaviours

Test, iterate and optimise
Use the A/B testing and time-limited experiments within our loyalty marketing software to find out what activities have the greatest impact on program performance

Free up time and focus
Use learnings and insights to focus your time where it matters most – where it will make you and your program more successful

Loyalty marketing software

Introducing LoyaltyLion Campaigns

AOV Bonus Point Campaign

The “AOV Bonus Points Campaign” is designed to help you increase the average spend of a customer. It displays a notification to customers, explaining that if they spend over your average order value, they will earn bonus points. The average basket size of customer that uses a loyalty reward in a purchase is 39% higher than the basket size of a customer that doesn’t. Encouraging customers to spend more to unlock additional points will help to increase their average order value longer-term.

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Increase Signups Post-Purchase

The “Increase Signups Post-Purchase Campaign” is designed to help you encourage customers to create an account, rather than continually checking out as a guest. It displays a notification to customers post-purchase, explaining that if they create an account they will earn points that can be redeemed against future purchases. Customers who join your loyalty program are 47% more likely to purchase a second time. By converting more guest checkouts to accounts you increase the opportunities to engage with customers and drive the next purchase.

Guest Conversion Campaign

Increase Referrals Post-Purchase Campaign

The “Increase Referrals Post-Purchase Campaign” is designed to help you encourage shoppers to refer friends and family to your store. It displays a notification to customers post-purchase, explaining that they can unlock additional rewards for making referrals. Referred customers are four times more likely to make a purchase than those acquired via other techniques. This campaign helps you to drive more cost-effective acquisition via existing customer advocates.

Post Purchase Referral Campaign

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