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Introducing LoyaltyLions Net Promoter Score App: Understand the positive impact of loyalty programs on consumer behaviour


Why is it important to know who your unhappy customers are? Research shows it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Your at-risk and unhappy customers could be costing you more than you think.

Customer satisfaction is the key to long-term loyalty, which in turn equates to increased engagement, retention and customer lifetime value. As retailers, we spend large amounts of time and money building strategies around customer service, but how do you measure your results and identify whether campaigns are working?

With our free Net Promoter Score app you can ask customers to state how likely they are to recommend a company or product to their friends and family, using a number between zero and 10. This allows you to instantly gauge how satisfied your customers are with their interactions with your store.  


Focus your marketing activity based on your NPS customer segments

The data provided by the Net Promoter Score app will allow you to identify who your advocates and at-risk customers are.

  • At risk customers

These customers have given you a low score (0-6), indicating that they could be at risk of churning.  Neglecting your unhappy, at-risk customers can be costly, as research shows that happy customers will tell nine friends about their experiences with a brand, but an unhappy customer will tell an average of sixteen.

Now that you have identified these customers, you can start taking steps to win them back. The impact of loyalty programs on consumer behaviour can be incredibly positive. Engage them in the right way and show them that you care by offering incentives to return to your store in the form of loyalty points and rewards.

  • Advocates

Your most loyal customers are your biggest brand advocates, so understanding who they are and nurturing them is a no-brainer. Research shows customers are four times more likely to buy when they are referred by a friend. Advocates can be extremely valuable in this way as they are more likely to review your store and refer friends to your store. Once you’ve identified your advocates, think about the impact of loyalty programs on consumer behaviour and tailor your own program to make these customers feel special.

Become Data Driven

Learn which activities and marketing strategies have positively impacted your customer satisfaction

Micheal Lebouef famously said “a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Customers who leave high scores are more likely to repeat purchase, increasing loyalty and lifetime value. Monitoring changes to your NPS over time will help you track how your customers react to different marketing strategies and campaigns.  

The Net Promoter Score is a tool which is effectively used by many businesses to increase and monitor their customer’s levels of satisfaction. Having the ability to find your unhappy customers and turn them into advocates is a cost-effective way of building strong loyalty for your brand, increasing customer engagement, retention and customer lifetime value.