A complete loyalty solution

With scaleable plans, support for major ecommerce platforms, and over 100 features, LoyaltyLion is the perfect loyalty solution for your business.

Increase engagement

Engage your customers by awarding points for any activity performed on your site.
  • Reward more than just purchases. E.g. reviews, signups, referrals and many more.
  • Our refer-a-friend feature enables customers to earn points by referring their friends to your business via methods including social media sharing.
  • Leading review solutions integrate with LoyaltyLion.
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Drive repeat purchases

Engage your customers with emails they will want to receive
  • LoyaltyLion has an advanced email solution which is completely customisable. These emails can generate 3% of a store’s total revenue.
  • Use our loyalty emails to notify your customers when a reward becomes available to use, encouraging a return visit to redeem. Stores see a 15-20% increase in repeat purchases.
  • Send monthly loyalty point statements to ensure that your shop stays on their radar.
  • Our loyalty emails have an average click-through rate of 35%.
  • LoyaltyLion integrates with leading email services such as Dotmailer, Mailchimp, Hubspot and Klaviyo.
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Retain loyal customers

Gain deeper customer insights with our analytics detailing your most loyal customers, who is at risk and who needs winning back.

  • Loyalty programs are built on data. The team at LoyaltyLion includes leading data analysts.
  • Flag customers who may be at risk of disengaging or may need to be reintroduced to your brand.
  • Use this valuable data to focus your marketing efforts to increase revenue.
  • See how your program is performing and use our suggestions to optimise it

Acquire new customers

People are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend
  • LoyaltyLion has a complete integrated referral program. Customers can refer friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Customers can share your brand with their complete audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • You can identify your biggest advocates and most effective sources with our built-in analytics.
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Omnichannel loyalty

Your customers want a unified experience whether they’re shopping instore or online
  • LoyaltyLion integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms to provide a complete omnichannel loyalty program.
  • Integrate LoyaltyLion with your online shop and instore POS system.
  • LoyaltyLion connects 12 physical shops and an online store under one program. Read more.
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Features overview

Loyalty points

Give points for any activity including purchases, reviews, comments, birthdays and social media sharing.


Exchange points for vouchers, gift cards or custom rewards including free products added seamlessly to the cart.


Reward referrals via Facebook, Twitter and email. Identify your biggest advocates and most effective sources.


LoyaltyLion integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform.Choose from seven pre-written languages, create your own text, remove our branding and more.


Engage your customers with emails to welcome them to your program, send monthly statements and notify them when they’ve earned enough points for a reward.


Optimise your loyalty program with LoyaltyLion’s advanced customer insights and analytics. Use our suggestions on how to improve loyalty.

Program management

Manage your loyalty program with the ability to manually add/remove points or block problematic users.


Integrate LoyaltyLion with other trusted applications such as Bronto, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Mailchimp and Dotmailer.

Setup & support

Migrate from another program, import customers, receive quarterly reviews and more with dedicated support.

Omnichannel loyalty program

Connect your loyalty program to Shopify POS, your Shopify Plus blog, or connect multiple online stores.

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