How many customers did you lose this week?

Increase revenue by retaining more customers with our free ecommerce analytics app for Shopify stores.

Identify your most loyal customers

Find out which of your customers are most loyal and how much they increase your revenue.

See who is at risk of leaving

Identify which customers you should engage to increase retention and build a loyal following.

Win back lost customers

Discover the percentage of customers who haven’t returned and learn how to bring them back.

Increase sales with analytics for ecommerce

  • Discover which of your loyal customers may be at risk of not returning to target new engagement.
  • Monitor customer retention and discover how much revenue you could be earning by encouraging customers to return.
  • Track how often on average it takes a customer to make additional purchases.
  • How loyal are your customers? The key metrics on Ecommerce Insights tells you how many orders come from existing customers.
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Compare your stats to ecommerce benchmarks

  • Target the specific areas of customer engagement that you need to improve upon to see results.
  • We provide recommendations on how to engage your customers to build a loyal following and increase revenue.
  • The Ecommerce Insights app provides you with benchmark statistics so you can see how you rank.
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Rated 5 Stars on the Shopify App Store

This app is great, really quick and easy to use and it showed me in an instant who my most loyal customers are, so now I can thank them all for their loyalty. It'll be a good time-saver. Plus it's free, which is always a bonus!

Renn Designs

The more information you have on your customers the better. You can quickly see what's working and what's not, boost your customer retention, boost your conversions, attract those 'almost buyers', and keep your best buyers happy. Win!

Mogul Xoo

Very quick and easy to setup. Great for gathering data […] to focus my attention to to maximise revenues. The app does all the hard work for you, it has already increased my profits and best of all it's FREE!


Statistics convert to results with LoyaltyLion

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Alen Durbuzovic, CTO of Resignation Media & theCHIVE
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