LoyaltyLion is a featured Shopify Plus app and an approved Shopify Plus technology partner. We are trusted by leading Shopify Plus stores including Dr. Axe, The Chivery and 100% Pure.

We're thrilled to have LoyaltyLion as our Shopify Plus partner. Jamie Sutton, Lead at Shopify Plus

Why LoyaltyLion and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus partner since 2017

LoyaltyLion is featured on the Shopify app store. We’re a Shopify Plus partner and approved technology partner. We’re on the cutting edge to bring the latest Shopify Plus features to merchants.

Trusted by hundreds of Shopify Plus merchants

LoyaltyLion is designed for larger retailers. Our clients include Dr. Axe, The Chivery and 100% Pure. LoyaltyLion provides the customisation, flexibility and stability larger retailers require.

Clear results on Shopify Plus

Our Shopify Plus merchants generate $15 for every $1 they spend on LoyaltyLion. That's up to 6% of their annual revenue.

Enhance your store with a sophisticated loyalty program using every exclusive Shopify Plus feature View all features

Reward your shoppers seamlessly with
 In-Cart Rewards

With only a few lines of code, enable shoppers to view and claim rewards directly from the cart.

The In-Cart Rewards feature makes the loyalty program a seamless part of the checkout experience. There’s no need for vouchers; shoppers just add the reward they want in one click from the cart.

New Instant Points feature: allow shoppers to redeem the points they would acquire for that purchase in the same purchase

Implement LoyaltyLion across physical and
 online stores

LoyaltyLion integrates with Shopify POS to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for your shoppers. Customers can use this unified experience to collect and redeem points both online and instore.

Reward shoppers for engaging beyond your shop with Multipass

In early 2016, LoyaltyLion became the only loyalty software to integrate with Shopify Multipass. The Multipass functionality allows a seamless experience between a Shopify store and another online entity, normally a blog.

TheCHIVE uses LoyaltyLion to gamify their entire blog. They reward over ten onsite activities including including photo uploads, scoring and social sharing. They use the points to create leaderboards and points

Also integrated with these Shopify APIs

Price Rules API

  • Fast voucher creation
  • Never run out of vouchers
  • Complete control

Gift Card API

  • Add gift cards to your loyalty program
  • Two ways to reward
  • Easy for shoppers

Connect to your favourite tools to expand the power of LoyaltyLion

Send loyalty data to email marketing providers to offer richer segmentation and personalisation, offer points for reviews to increase reviews, include loyalty data in support tools to help your employees better understand your customers and so much more!

LoyaltyLion connector for Shopify Flow

LoyaltyLion is among the first partners to build a connector for Shopify Flow. Shopify Plus merchants can use the unique triggers, conditions and actions within LoyaltyLion’s connector to automate loyalty workflows and tasks.

Find out more about LoyaltyLion’s Shopify Flow connector

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