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Loyalty for Shopify Plus

We're thrilled to have LoyaltyLion as our Shopify Plus partner. Jamie Sutton, Lead at Shopify Plus
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Featured loyalty app
for Shopify Plus

LoyaltyLion is trusted by the biggest brands on Shopify Plus
including The Chivery and 100% Pure

Redeem points at checkout

With LoyaltyLion and Shopify Plus, your customers can redeem their points during the checkout process.

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Exclusive Shopify Plus features

LoyaltyLion integrates with the Discounts API and Gift Card API, and offers you the ability to connect multiple Shopify accounts under one loyalty program.

Discounts API

  • Fast voucher creation
  • Never run out of vouchers
  • Complete control

Gift Card API

  • Add gift cards to your loyalty program
  • Two ways to reward
  • Easy for shoppers

Customise everything

Your brand is vital to the success of your ecommerce store, which is why you can
customise everything in LoyaltyLion - we never include our logo on your store.


Your email campaign is fully customisable, design your emails from our editor and incentivise repeat purchases.


Translate our copy or configure your own custom translations to deliver your loyalty program in the right voice

Loyalty panel

The loyalty panel is where your customers see the points they're earning and rewards they can redeem, you have full control over every aspect of the interface

Detailed analytics

Use LoyaltyLion to identify your loyal advocates, most engaged customers,
and to track the ROI of your program in real time.

Rich customer profiles

Identify your most engaged customers and see all their loyalty activity in one place

Identify brand advocates

Reward referrals, identify your biggest advocates and track the revenue generated

Calculate ROI

Monitor your return on investment as you optimise your loyalty program to deliver best results

Shopify Plus results

LoyaltyLion helps the biggest Shopify Plus stores increase revenue.

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19:1 ROI

case study
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22:1 ROI

case study
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18:1 ROI

case study

Try our ROI calculator to see your projected results

Access our ROI caclulator

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Shopify Plus to use LoyaltyLion?
No, you can use LoyaltyLion with any Shopify Plan.
Why don't you charge for members?
Our pricing is designed to scale with your business, in order to give you a fair price our plans are based on the number of orders your customers place per month with no other hidden costs.
Can I test LoyaltyLion?
Yes, we can provide you with a test account if you need to trial aspects of your loyalty program before going live, get in touch with the team and we'll set you up ASAP.
Do you work with agencies?
Yes, we are partners with most of the leading agencies on Shopify and are happy to talk with your agency.

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