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Be the retention hero in your business

Invest your marketing budget in your most valuable customers and watch the impact of your activities skyrocket 

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Supercharge your marketing channels 

Is customer acquisition taking the lion’s share of your task list? What if redressing the balance and tapping into the power of loyalty could triple your marketing results? 

With LoyaltyLion, you can launch your own loyalty program and watch your returning customers interact more with all of your marketing channels, from email and SMS to Instagram and TikTok.

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Make your existing campaigns more impactful 

LoyaltyLion is your secret weapon when it comes to driving results for your marketing campaigns. 

Launching a new product line? Run a double points promotion to get customers excited about the products. Need to run big promotions around specific calendar events like Labor Day? Use your loyalty program! LoyaltyLion makes it easy to pull off bigger and better marketing campaigns than ever before.

Take your performance to the next level

Your time is precious. We get it. But a loyalty program is the missing piece in your toolkit right now. Here’s why: 

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Make better decisions with loyalty data

Confidently report back to stakeholders on the impact of your loyalty strategy and use LoyaltyLion’s advanced analytics to influence your tactics and marketing plans. 

It’s never been easier to report on the contribution your loyalty program is making to your overall revenue. With our loyalty data, you can understand the lifetime value and impact of your most valuable customers – your redeeming program members.

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Are you ready to raise your ROI (the easy way)?

Brands using LoyaltyLion find that redeeming loyalty program members are 6X MORE LIKELY to make a second purchase than non-members.

The sooner you launch your program, the sooner you can maximize revenue and scale your marketing efforts.

“Across the board we saw improvements – from the number of members signing up to reward redemptions. In every piece of that journey, we saw a huge increase. We’ve seen that customers who redeem rewards have a lifetime value that is double that of your average customers, so it’s made a really big impact and we see a huge value in the program.” 

– Digital Marketing Strategist, Primal Kitchen

Thousands of ecommerce marketers already trust LoyaltyLion

Marketers rate our customer support number one on G2.

We work directly with every customer, assisting them through the setup process and identifying the best strategies to increase returning customer rates.

Why not join our growing community of successful ecommerce marketers and unlock your fullest potential?

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