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Maximize the performance of your loyalty program with Flows

Use targeted automation to take each member on the right loyalty journey at the right time, adding dollars to your bottom line, not tasks to your to-do list.

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The #1 loyalty platform on G2, increasing repeat purchases for brands for over 10 years

Join the most innovative brands using Flows to maximize loyalty program performance by moving away from a one-size fits all approach

Nio Flows Testimonial

“It’s great to see LoyaltyLion making these innovations available to help us directly address our challenges.” – Nio Cocktails

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Motivate one-time shoppers to make a second purchase

It’s more time and cost-effective to re-engage an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. 

Use Flows to target individual loyalty program members with the right incentives after they complete their first purchase, using bonus points rather than discounts to motivate them to return and buy again.

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Increase the lifetime value of returning customers

Members of your top loyalty program tiers typically purchase more frequently and have a higher average order value. 

Encourage more repeat purchases from your most valuable customers by targeting them with specific flows that recognize and reward loyal behaviors as they happen.

Increase the reach of product promotions 

Your loyalty program can significantly increase profitability if it is aligned with your product promotions and launches. 

Use Flows to promote specific slow-moving or high-margin products, to encourage customers to make additional purchases based on the previous item they bought, or to support the launch of a new product or collection. 

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