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Increase your repeat purchase rates

Customers who engage with your loyalty program are more likely to return for a second purchase. Use LoyaltyLion to create rewards that motivate one-off shoppers to enroll and return to shop again sooner


The #1 loyalty platform on G2, increasing repeat purchases for brands for over 10 years

Convert one-off shoppers into repeat customers with LoyaltyLion


Motivate one-off shoppers to return with rewards

Loyalty program members who redeem rewards are 6x more likely to return and make a second purchase. Compelling rewards motivate one-off shoppers to return sooner, but also reduce your reliance on discounts and improve your customer experience.

Start with standard rewards such as free products or free shipping and expand to more experiential perks such as early access to sales and new products.

Increase account creation with notifications

When a one-off shopper creates an account, it’s easier to stay in touch with them and nudge them towards their next purchase. Incentivizing account creation at every stage of your customer journey increases conversion from guest checkout to loyalty program member.

Use editable on-site notifications to prompt one-off shoppers to create an account, showing them the rewards they will immediately be able to return and redeem as part of their next purchase.

Reduce cart abandonment with loyalty in the checkout

It’s easier to prevent a loyalty program member abandoning their cart. Including opportunities to earn points and redeem rewards within the checkout increases conversion and prevents shoppers from leaving before they’ve completed their second purchase.

Display points and rewards and allow shoppers to redeem them from within the cart in order to get more second purchases across the line.

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“Our new reinvigorated approach has been extremely successful from a member enrollment perspective. It is helping us to draw in new customers, but its purpose goes way beyond that. With a combination of transactional and experiential rewards we don’t just secure a second purchase, but we inspire members to keep coming back for more and increase their lifetime value while doing so.– Astrid & Miyu

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