Four steps to take after attending IRCE

The dust has settled after another jam-packed and productive three days at IRCE.

We hope you had as much fun as we did – and how could we not? We had a great time meeting merchants and laughing at the caricatures created at our booth (Here are some of our highlights if you missed it):

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But with so much information shared and consumed in such a short timeframe, we know it can be difficult to sift through the noise to pinpoint what was actually valuable to you at the conference.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a post-IRCE game plan to help you make the most of the event now it’s passed. Just because the conference is over, doesn’t mean the hard work ends there.

Keynotes and trends

With a whole plethora of talks, seminars, keynotes and workshops taking place, you probably took a lot of notes.

Now you’re back in the real world don’t forget to look back at your scribbles and glean any worthwhile information. Try putting it all in Google Docs so it’s easy to share with your team. And, if more than one of you attended, why not use these docs as an opportunity to combine all your notes in one place.

You could even arrange a presentation or a “lunch and learn” session for your colleagues to attend. This could be a quick 15 minutes where you present the most interesting ideas, show your wider company how it could benefit them and open the floor for questions and discussion.

And, if you’re anything like us, free food will guarantee attendance.

Research deeper

If someone’s presentation or conversation is still stuck in your mind today, that’s probably because you’re curious to learn more about it.

Visit these peoples’ websites so you can learn more about their offering. Many tech companies and ecommerce experts have free resources you can access to learn more about their specialism or product.

We have, for example:

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Don’t let the connections you’ve made fizzle out

IRCE is massive and brings together thousands of ecommerce professionals from different walks of life, companies and demographics. It has always been an excellent opportunity to catch up with people you’ve met before and to forge new relationships.

Whilst you’re there it’s easy to meet new people. What’s difficult, however, is remembering the interesting conversations you had, the companies you met and who to follow-up with.

To keep the relationships alive, take the time to sift through the business cards you collected and Linkedin requests you accepted and take note of the professionals who are aligned to your business goals.

Use the time after IRCE to keep networking in the ecommerce space, exploring business development opportunities and building relationships. Who knows: maybe someone you met will have the key to unlocking your next business challenge or offer you a new perspective that you hadn’t thought of before.

Get proactive

Once you’ve streamlined the ideas that are best for your business and highlighted the conversations worth following up, block out time in your calendar to execute them.

Everyone will be hot on their inboxes following the event and will be eager to catch up with you again. Send emails or give people a quick phone call to book in more time down the road to discuss new ideas.

If LoyaltyLion caught your eye, or you’re looking to invest in retention, book a demo with our loyalty experts today. They’ll be excited to hear from you.

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Until next time,

Team LoyaltyLion

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