Edgard & Cooper increased their repeat purchase rates by 53%

increase in AOV
increase in repeat purchase rates


Pet care ecommerce sales in the US alone increased by 67% in 2018, while online pet food sales in the US accounted for 17% of the market, which was pegged to rise by 23% by 2023. To secure their customer loyalty, Edgard & Cooper’s team wanted to build stronger relationships with their customers.


To achieve this, they created an on-brand, tiered loyalty program structure. By offering exclusive rewards within each tier, they enabled theirselves to increase their repeat purchase rates.

They also show they are aligned with their customers by offering rewards that support ethical causes customers care about. For instance, they encourage their customers to exchange “Belly Rubs” – loyalty points – for donating meals to dog shelters or planting trees.


With their loyalty program by their side, Edgard & Cooper have achieved a 22% AOV uplift, and a 53% increase in their retention rate.