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How Primal Kitchen increased loyalty purchase revenue by 71%

Primal Kitchen transformed its loyalty program from an unprofitable add-on to a powerful growth lever that has increased loyalty purchase revenue* by 71%.

Read on to learn exactly what challenges Primal Kitchen faced, how the brand worked with LoyaltyLion to overcome them, and the results they’re seeing now. 

*Loyalty purchase revenue is the revenue that has come from an order using at least one of the LoyaltyLion reward types, such as a LoyaltyLion-issued gift card or a Shopify Script based redemption.

Who is Primal Kitchen?

Primal Kitchen was founded in 2015 with one simple mission in mind – to change the way the world eats. The store sells a range of ‘better for you’ products including sauces, dressings, condiments and pantry staples made from high-quality ingredients. They pride themselves on helping people invest in their health. 

As such, Primal Kitchen already had a loyal customer base when they were referred by Chelsea & Rachel Co. to LoyaltyLion, however, they were looking for some help to increase engagement with their program. 

The problems Primal Kitchen needed to solve  

Primal Kitchen’s primary goal was to engage its customers in the loyalty program.

They found that:

  • Points were often left unused.
  • Customers weren’t coming back to engage with the program beyond the initial account set-up and purchase.
  • This led to low profitability of the program, and a lack of community – particularly for customers who had been loyal since the brand inception.

In short, Primal Kitchen wanted to create a program that customers would be excited to engage with to increase loyalty purchase revenue. They also wanted to ensure the new loyalty experience would be unique to their own brand and website – rather than succumbing to tired trends found in competitor sites. 

How LoyaltyLion solved the problem

Working alongside their agency, Chelsea & Rachel Co., Primal Kitchen effectively utilized LoyaltyLion’s features to create a beautiful, on-brand loyalty hub that embodied the brand’s identity and values. 

Because LoyaltyLion integrated so well with their existing tech stack – especially Klaviyo – Primal Kitchen could create additional customer touch-points within the journey, allowing them to intertwine the loyalty program with their existing marketing communications. This helped increase the visibility of the program and in turn, increased loyalty purchase revenue.

How Primal Kitchen has increased loyalty on their site

LoyaltyLion’s analytics – in particular, the customer value snapshot and repeat purchase behavior analysis – have helped Primal Kitchen and Chelsea & Rachel Co. to better understand their customers’ behavior and the value of the program. Now, for the first time, they have the ability to make data-driven decisions that will positively impact the program. Before, they weren’t able to get this data from Shopify or their old loyalty program.

All of these features combined have enabled Primal Kitchen to create a personalized and seamless loyalty experience, and they can now reward and incentivize their customers organically. 

Primal Kitchen's increased loyalty program

Results of their new loyalty program

Since re-launching their loyalty program with LoyaltyLion, Primal Kitchen’s redeeming members place twice as many orders as non-members, and their average spend in 12 months has doubled. 

The personalized automated Klaviyo email flows that Primal Kitchen can now send out – such as loyalty point reminders, quarterly account summaries and available rewards – drive additional revenue each month without any additional effort or resources. This alone has increased the profitability of the program significantly, contributing to: 

  • A 71% increase in loyalty purchase revenue
  • Double the number of monthly referrals
  • An increase in purchasing from loyalty program members by 240% in 16 months

Looking for similar results from your loyalty program like Primal Kitchen? Book a time to speak to one of our Loyalty Consultants to get started. Or take a look at another example of loyalty done right by checking out how jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu have totally transformed their program

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