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Unlocking Repeat Purchases: Your Data-Driven Guide to Mastering Black Friday

The peak season is the ultimate challenge for ecommerce brands. While slashing prices can lead to short-term victories, the fastest-growing brands are shifting gears and prioritizing returning customers this BFCM. But what’s the secret to unlocking those coveted repeat purchases? Read on as we explore the key tactics in this guide. 

In this guide:

Loyalty programs: your vehicle to peak period success

Our new consumer data shows that loyalty programs really are the key to driving repeat purchases this peak period, with compelling findings such as: 

  • 83% of consumers are motivated to return to a brand this peak season by the opportunity to use or redeem existing loyalty points 
  • 80% of consumers are motivated to return to a brand this peak season by VIP offers such as early access to sales or new products

Fundamentally, customers are prioritizing the brands they already have points with this Black Friday. So if you’ve been umming and ahhing about setting up a loyalty program for a while now, take this as your sign! 

Your data-driven steps to Black Friday success 

Our consumer research has helped us to define 13 actionable tactics that will set you up for securing those all-important repeat purchases this Black Friday. Let’s explore some of those in detail, starting with the tactics you should implement before BFCM begins. 

Tick these off before BFCM

Enroll your shoppers early

Like we mentioned above, 83% of consumers are motivated to return to a brand this peak season by the opportunity to use or redeem existing loyalty points or rewards. Take advantage of this and enroll customers in your program before BFCM, offering points to get them started quickly.

Incentivize shoppers to sign up to your loyalty program by giving them enough points to help them reach a reward quickly when they create an account. You can also help your customers build up points by incentivising activities like social media follows and newsletter sign-ups. 


We love how Augustinus Bader promote sign ups to their program throughout their entire site by including this ‘Subscription benefits’ info on every single tab – you really can’t miss it. 

Send out personalized communications

71% of shoppers said they’re motivated to return to brands that send personalized communications or offers this peak season.

Sending personalized communications before the peak period begins is an absolute must when it comes to getting your customers thinking of you over BFCM. Send personalized points balance updates to remind your members how many points they have, which tier they’re in, and what they can unlock when they hit the next tier. 

This tactic is a real double whammy, because you’re reminding your loyalty members of the points they can spend with you over the peak period, all while providing another service customers love – personalization. 

And when it comes to communication methods, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We found that 60% of consumers prefer to hear about loyalty programs through emails, while 37% prefer SMS.

moxielash loyalty emails
MoxieLash are a great example of sending loyalty emails that really cut through the noise. MoxieLash Insider emails are populated with 12 loyalty data points, such as points earned, rewards available, and a unique referral URL.

Loyalty in the checkout

Did you know that 75% of shoppers are motivated to engage with a loyalty program if they can access their rewards in the checkout? 

This is an extra big win over the BFCM period – when we know that cart abandonment is a real issue for many stores. 

Integrate your loyalty program with your checkout experience to make your points and rewards visible and redeemable from within the checkout itself. Do this, and you’ll see a lot more happy customers who follow through with placing their orders this peak period. 

Set up on-site loyalty notifications

Our data tells us that 50% of shoppers are more likely to sign up to a loyalty program during BFCM vs any other time – this is a huge opportunity! 

Grab onto this opportunity with both hands by setting up loyalty notifications ahead of the peak period – encouraging new shoppers to enroll in your program from the moment they land on your site. 

Focus on key placement areas like your BFCM pages to get maximum exposure, and be sure to pull out the best perks and rewards to entice your shoppers to sign up then and there. 

Tick these off during BFCM

Run a double points promotion

83% of customers are motivated to return to a brand this peak season by the ability to access bonuses or double points promotions. With this in mind, it’s a total missed opportunity if you don’t fuel the excitement for your Black Friday event by running a double points promotion in tandem. 

It’s simple, but it’s effective. And not only will you motivate your customers to spend with you over Black Friday, but you’ll also reduce your reliance on discounting. Win-win. 

For the biggest impact, keep the communications around your points promotions clear and to the point, like these examples. 

Screenshot 2023 09 08 At 11.16.04

Offer free shipping to your most valuable customers

Delivery costs can add up for consumers who are splurging over the peak period! Keep your valuable customers close – while also incentivizing new shoppers to sign up to your program – by running free shipping for your loyalty members over Black Friday. We found that this perk in particular really resonates with consumers, as 81% said that access to free shipping will motivate them to return to a store they already know over BFCM rather than try out a new brand

Allow members to redeem their points on charitable causes

73% of shoppers are motivated to return to a brand if they can support the values and causes they care about, so make a real impact this peak season by implementing charitable rewards into your loyalty program. 

Popular charitable rewards include donations to ocean clean-up organisations or planting a tree on behalf of the customer, but it’s always best to think carefully about the values of your customers and choose a cause that aligns with them and your brand. 

Screenshot 2023 09 11 At 09.54.13
REN Clean Skincare’s environmental rewards

Tick these off after BFCM

Include loyalty points in your post-purchase emails 

So a customer has made a Black Friday purchase without showing any signs of enrolling in your loyalty program. How are you going to get them back to your store now? Simple, it’s all in the post-purchase email. 

Convince customers to sign up for your loyalty program after their purchase by showing the value of your loyalty points in the post-purchase confirmation email. Make it clear how much your points are worth, how they can use them, and the variety of ways they can earn points too.

Send out surprise and delight emails

Another great way to win your customers back after BFCM is by sending surprise and delight emails that are just too good to pass up. 

For example, you could offer 100 loyalty points to shoppers who return and purchase again before a certain date, or credit 50 points to anyone who signs up to your loyalty program within a given timeframe. By giving your customers a nudge with these incentives, you’re…

1) creating a positive relationship with them that is totally separate to BFCM, and 

2) giving them more points to come and spend with you sooner!

This email from The INKEY List is a great example of how to use bonus loyalty points to encourage customers to come back and make their next purchase ASAP.
This email from The INKEY List is a great example of how to use bonus loyalty points to encourage customers to come back and make their next purchase ASAP.

Final thoughts 

Our consumer data speaks volumes – loyalty programs have emerged as the linchpin for driving repeat purchases during the peak period. While the traditional approach of steep discounts may still have some merits, the most astute ecommerce brands are shifting their focus towards nurturing returning customers this BFCM. 

In this guide, we’ve detailed some of the necessary tactics for success, but there are plenty more insights to be had when you download the full roadmap. Get your copy here to unlock the 4 remaining steps to success this peak season. 

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