How to grow and promote your loyalty program post-launch

If you’ve successfully launched your loyalty program then congratulations! It’s a big step. However, there’s nothing more demotivating than launching a new marketing initiative, and seeing very few people engage with it. To avoid this disappointment, make your customers aware of your loyalty program as soon as you launch it, with our quick guide to promoting your program.

When communicating your new or improved loyalty program to your customers, you need to ensure that your promotions are clear and enticing. There are a number of different ways to achieve this: 

A designated landing page

Encourage customers to join and participate in your loyalty program by building a landing page that clearly communicates how customers can earn points, and what they can redeem them for. 

For example,  100% PURE’s entirely on-brand page explains the loyalty program benefits explicitly, enticing customers to join and commit to starting a relationship with the brand.

100pure Splash

Social media announcements

Make sure that the audiences you’ve so painstakingly built across your social channels, serve you well when it comes to your loyalty program. Take advantage of the traffic flow across channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and use them to communicate your program. 

For example, many brands use their Facebook cover photos to let customers know about promotions, so why not use your social real estate to promote your program further afield. 

Sniph Instagram Campaign

Time-limited Promotions

A great way to get your program in front of your customer base is with a promotional activity to celebrate your launch. For example, a double points week, or 100% off a product for a month. Putting a time-limited promotion in place encourages your customers to visit your store, and engage with your program sooner. 

If you’re running time-based promotions to launch your program, remember to very clearly communicate the expiry dates and time frames so your new members don’t end up disappointed. 

Refer a Friend

Grow your member base by encouraging your first few joiners to recommend your program to their friends and family. By allowing them to refer via social media, email, and mobile, you can make it really easy for them to bring new members to your program. 

For example, theCHIVE awards members the opportunity to earn 1000 points if they refer a friend to the brand. 

Thechive Multipass

Banners and popups 

When you first launch your program, it’s well worth considering a banner or pop up to make customers aware that you now have a loyalty program in place. 

For example, The Pulse Boutique uses a pop up to tell shoppers about their “Pulse Perks” program, informing them that they could be earning points right away if they take a second to sign up. The pop up clearly communicates the benefits of the program, and lets them know just how easy it is to join. 

Pulse Perks Case Study Img


Everybody loves a little healthy competition, so why not consider a context to launch your program. For example, you might run a competition to see which of your members can refer the most friends to your brand over a given period of time. Or which of your members can get the most social media likes and shares on a post featuring one of your products or stores. At the end of the contest, make sure you give them a reward that is truly exciting and worth their time.

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Not only do contests help you to acquire more members, but they are also a way of gathering great user-generated content, and creating wider buzz around your brand.

There are many ways to grow and promote your loyalty program once it’s live, so don’t be demoralised if your member base takes a little while to build up. Remember – as soon as you have one member, you have someone that is loyal, can repeat purchase, and can recommend you to others.

If you want to discuss how to get your program in front of more of your customers, then you can reach us via the online chat function on or within your dashboard.