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How Hat Heaven achieved 4x more spending from their loyal customers

Hat Heaven has achieved incredible results from their loyalty program, including an increased repeat customer rate and four times more spending from their loyal customers. 

Read on to learn exactly what challenges Hat Heaven faced and how they worked with their agency – Roswell NYC – and LoyaltyLion to turn their loyalty program into a powerful growth tool.

Who is Hat Heaven?

Established in 1986, Hat Heaven is a family-owned and operated business with both a brick-and-mortar store and an online presence. Hat Heaven is a leading online cap store and commits to selling sports fans high-quality headwear at competitive prices.

In order to optimize its online presence, Hat Heaven works with Roswell NYC – a full-service ecommerce agency providing conversion-focused experiences for brands. Understanding Hat Heaven’s unique challenges, Roswell NYC saw an exciting opportunity for loyalty and introduced LoyaltyLion to the brand. 

The problems Hat Heaven needed to solve  

Hat Heaven was hoping to address the following challenges with a loyalty program.

They found that:

– It was difficult to differentiate from a crowded industry where many of the webshops for hats looked all the same and offered the same products without any real difference. 
– Customers tended to buy more than one hat as collecting them is a big deal. Hat Heaven needed a way to reward these extra purchases to give returning customers a VIP experience and consequently increase repeat customer rate. 
– The more the store evolved, the more the growing disconnect between customers and the brand widened. Hat Heaven wanted to close this gap and develop better relationships. 

How LoyaltyLion solved the problem

Leveraging LoyaltyLion, Roswell NYC built Hat Heaven’s MVP Club from the ground up by revamping the brand’s on-site experience via a new program landing page, and greater program visibility on the account page. 

LoyaltyLion’s capabilities give the flexibility to provide a completely on-brand rewards experience, meaning the program looks and feels like a natural extension of the well-loved brand.

LoyaltyLion’s integrations have also been a big factor in the success of the program, specifically the partnerships with Attentive and Klaviyo. Hat Heaven has been able to set up email automations in Klaviyo and SMS messages in Attentive to encourage greater program participation and rewards redemption. Some high-impact automations include rewards redemption reminders, VIP Tier nearly achieved updates, and even post-purchase call-outs to non-members to sign up for the MVP Club. 

Hat Heaven increased repeat customer rate

Results of Hat Heaven’s new loyalty program

The MVP Club has become an integral part of the Hat Heaven experience, proved by the fact that 31,000 new program members have signed up and 54,000 rewards activities have been performed in the last year. Other impressive results from the program include:

  • 238% higher average number of purchases from users who redeem rewards in the MVP Club
  • 315% more spend from redeeming members 
  • 27% reward redemption rate
  • 5.7% of site revenue coming from purchases with rewards redemption
Hat Heaven increased repeat customer rate

When asked about the success of the program and how LoyaltyLion has helped to achieve it, Hat Heaven’s Brian Chun commented:

“The ease of customization and the degree to which it can be done has been a big factor of success for our rewards program. So many of these rewards apps out there only offer a cookie-cutter experience. As a shopper, if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. It comes off as lazy. 

Here at Hat Heaven, we truly believe that returning customers keep our company alive and afloat. Putting in the framework to make sure returning customers are appreciated is a big part of what we do, and LoyaltyLion makes sure it looks beautifully unique on a touchscreen.”

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