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The best loyalty programs: what we learn from MAC Cosmetics’ new loyalty program

Estée Lauder brand, MAC cosmetics, recently released news of their new loyalty program, MAC SelectThe program has proven to be one of the best loyalty programs out there. For online shoppers, it features three tiers. Each tier has a selection of distinct privileges. The more you spend, the higher up the tiers you go in order to unlock greater rewards.

Let’s look closer at their tier systems:

  • Seduced
  • Devoted
  • Obsessed

And also discuss:

  • Why it is one of the best loyalty programs, and
  • How they could improve their online loyalty program

Tier one: Seduced

To join this tier, you don’t need to make a purchase. You just need to sign up. Perks in this tier include early access to limited-edition products. You can get product samples online, an annual gift just for being a member, complimentary standard shipping, back-to-MAC expanded, and convenient Back-to-MAC tracker.

Tier two: Devoted

If you spend $150 or more in a year, you are eligible for this tier. For this, you get everything you get for being in Seduced, plus early access to select collections, complimentary express makeup application, enhanced product samples online, and complimentary two-day expedited shipping

Tier three: Obsessed

For those who spend more than $500 per year on products. The highest accolade in the rewards system. As a member of this tier, you get to be the first to shop in certain collections, have first access to new products, two complimentary makeup applications, complimentary two-day expedited shipping when you spend a minimum of $50. A deluxe annual gift, to thank you for being in the tier. Back-to-MAC expanded, and convenient Back-to-MAC tracker.

Back to MAC, their recycling program offers MAC select members who return six empty, qualifying MAC containers a free MAC lipstick, lipgloss, or single eyeshadow of their choice.

Why it is one of the best loyalty programs

Provides gifts that people actually want. Too many rewards programs try to offer their customers products they don’t actually have a need for. This makes the whole program redundant as customers have no incentive to strive for those rewards.

Membership is free. To be a MAC select member of the basic level, you do not need to make an initial purchase.

Through doing this, MAC will undoubtedly gain more loyalty than they had before, as customers will be eager to try out new products and receive the complimentary gifts plus the other perks on offer.

How they could improve their online loyalty program

After signing up they only reward purchases. Shoppers only earn points for what they spend. They earn nothing for their activity, such as creating an account, referring friends or connecting with Facebook.

At LoyaltyLion we encourage retailers to reward engagement as well as expenditure because engagement with your brand will lead to deeper loyalty.

Brand engagement = deeper loyalty

As a member of MAC Select, described as “a makeup lovers’ cult”, the more money you have to spend, the more perks and extras you are eligible to.

And as long as you’re 13 years or older, you can sign up online or in-store.

This is the first time MAC has rewarded their loyal fans. MAC Select is one of the best loyalty programs if you want access to new collections before the masses. MAC Select hopes its new loyalty program will add value to the customers’ experience and go beyond other rewards schemes that perhaps don’t always give customers anything they want.

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