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Luxury brands embrace loyalty programs

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Some of the best loyalty marketing program examples tend to be in luxury services. It started with American Airlines rolling out their frequent flier program in 1981. This was the first of its kind, and the birth of modern premium marketing. Since its inception, their loyalty program has grown to over 50 million members with every other airline following their lead.

Many brands have fallen behind the times because they are under the impression that discounting their products devalues their products. However, loyalty programs work for high-end brands precisely because their main focus is providing an exclusive service to their elite clientele.

Here is a brief overview of some loyalty marketing program examples from high-end brands that have embraced loyalty in a big way:

  • American Express – Centurion
  • Jumeirah – Sirius
  • Star Alliance – Frequent Flyer
  • Lancôme – Elite Rewards
  • Saks – SakFirst

American Express – Centurion

This was the hushed rewards program for the elite. The famous black credit card American Express offers its most elite members has become synonymous with exclusivity, and with that comes an impressive cultural cachet.

Their loyalty program, in particular, is geared towards what their members would appreciate. It gives access to a number of services, including added security, various privileges on airlines and a 24-hour concierge which offers entertainment planning, gift arrangement, and business services.

Jumeirah – Sirius

The loyalty program for the luxury international Jumeirah hotels chain has been carefully constructed to appeal to its elite customers.

They have created a tiered program. At the lower blue member level, they offer simple upgrades such as complimentary internet access, and 10% savings on the leisure facilities within their hotel. However, at the highest gold level, you are treated to airport transfers, breakfast, late check-outs, and higher savings percentages.

Star Alliance – Frequent Flyer

The largest global airline network, Star Alliance, has created a comprehensive tiered rewards program for its customers. It allows its Gold Status members access to airport lounges all over the world, priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. It also gives access to points that can be earned and redeemed with flying.

Because airlines recognize that their product is a luxury, they know that encouraging their top clients to spend more and fly more with them, relies on them providing more of an experiential service. This is why airlines have been keyed into loyalty programs for a long time.

Lancôme – Elite Rewards

Not to be outdone by Sephora’s impressive Beauty Insider program, Lancôme have rolled out Elite Rewards. Since the program’s inception, 60% of members are shopping or interacting with the brand at least once a month, with a sign-up boost of almost 40%.

Their program members gain 10 points for each dollar (USD) they spend online. As well as this, they receive other smaller benefits, such as knowing about upcoming sales. Using LoyaltyLion you can have a program just like Lancôme’s – get in touch using

Saks – SakFirst

One of the premier department store chains in the US, Saks Fifth Avenue decided to revamp its loyalty program in order to increase its customer growth. The new additions to their program take advantage of seasonal spikes, and also offer incentives to customers that shop in-store.

The first 500 customers who signed up were given a $100 gift card, and other customers were offered 1000 points on their first purchase, driving momentum for the campaign.


Luxury brands and loyalty have always been synonymous. However, with competition rising, it is important to move with the times and embrace innovative tools to remind your customers that your service is what keeps them coming back to your product.