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9 free ecommerce marketing courses to transform your Martech strategy

Are you using your ecommerce tech tools to their full potential? Could there be opportunities you’re missing simply because you haven’t flicked a switch? Could your marketing strategy be drastically improved with a little Martech education? We’ve curated a list of free ecommerce marketing courses that will help you and your team get the most out of your Martech stack.

Learning and development is important for you and your team. But taking the time out of your day-to-day to expand your knowledge is difficult. A lack of time is the biggest barrier to learning. However it could be exactly what’s needed to ignite inspiration and make your efforts succeed. it will pay dividends for you and your business.

Take some time to complete them and you’ll be ready to skyrocket your brand’s marketing efforts. 

Grab your pen and paper!

Ecommerce marketing basics

1. Shopify Learn

Shopify offers a ton of free ecommerce marketing courses and tutorials to designed to help ecommerce marketers – whether you’re kickstarting your brand or updating your current strategy. Their online learning platform, Shopify Learn, covers a range of topics from influencer and social media marketing to dropshipping and inventory management.

It’s a great place to research and get inspired. As well as deepening your knowledge of Shopify’s features and functions.

Free marketing courses: Shopify Learn

Who can use it?

Everyone! You don’t need to be using Shopify to access it. You can create a login and access all of the resources for free.

Does it come with a certificate?


2. HubSpot Academy

First things first – start with the basics. And there’s nowhere better to learn about basic marketing theory than the HubSpot Academy. Their knowledge base contains hundreds of free marketing courses and certifications on broad topics, like Digital Marketing, to more specific courses, like How to Advertise on Instagram.

Check out their short course called, Ecommerce Marketing Training Course. But we recommend starting with the Inbound Marketing Course. This will give every marketer and their team a refresh on the fundamentals of marketing. From there, complete the ecommerce course (or any of their other free marketing courses) and learn how to apply these principles to your brand’s marketing strategy.

Free marketing courses: Hubspot Academy

Who can use it?

The HubSpot Academy is free for everyone and you don’t need to be a HubSpot user to sign up. 

Does it come with a certificate? 

Yes and no – some courses come with certificates such as the Inbound Marketing Course!

3. Google Analytics Academy

Data and analytics are incredibly important for your business. They’re used to inform you what activities are performing well and which ones need attention.

If you’re new to data, it can be daunting. You have to learn how to find it, interpret it and create actions from the insights. It sounds easy until you’re feeling overwhelmed looking at a huge excel sheet of numbers. And if you’re a well seasoned analytics professional, you’ll know that keeping on top of data and personalization trends are key to driving growth. 

The best free course to educate yourself on data is the Google Analytics Academy. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks your website’s activity. You can use it to report how shoppers are landing on your store, how long they’re staying, what pages they’re looking at and much more.

The Google Analytics Academy has six free courses in total. Start with the Beginner courses and move on to complete the Advanced option. Once you’ve completed this, you can continue on to become a Google Analytics Power User or discover the Google Tag Manager fundamentals.

Free marketing courses: Google Analytics Academy

Who can use it?

The Google Analytics Academy is available to everyone!

Does it come with a certificate?

No, but if you feel ready you can take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Email Service Providers

4. Klaviyo Academy

Klaviyo works with over 250,000 brands worldwide. They are a highly sophisticated technology provider that allows ecommerce businesses of all sizes to deliver personalized experiences over email and other channels.

If you’re new to Klaviyo, you could be forgiven for not understanding the full capabilities of the platform. And that’s why they created the Klaviyo Academy – a resource that contains lots of free courses that will get you up to speed. You’ll be inspired to bring ideas and strategies to your marketing team that could help you reach your goals.

Free marketing courses: Klaviyo Academy

Who is it for?

Klaviyo Academy is free for everyone. You must have a Klaviyo account to login and access the material but you can easily create a free Klaviyo account in just a minute or two. Whether you’re new to Klaviyo or a super-user, we certainly recommend spending time upskilling on Klaviyo best practices.

Does it come with a certificate?

Some of the courses, like the Product Certification and the SMS Strategy Certification, come with the ability to take an exam and receive a certificate for passing. They also offer lots of education and courses that do not have a certificate tied to completion.

5. Omnisend Academy

Omnisend is another powerful email service provider. Rated highest for ease of use on G2, they’re helping grow thousands of ecommerce brands.

And in keeping with being helpful, they’ve created the Omnisend Academy

Their Email Marketing Fundamentals course is the perfect resource to brush up on the basics of builing an email marketing strategy. What are you waiting for?

Omnisend academy

Who is it for?

You don’t need to be an Omnisend customer to reap the benefits of the Omnisend Academy – it’s completely free and open to access.

Does it come with a certificate?


Loyalty and retention

6. LoyaltyLion Academy

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, used by over 10,000 ecommerce merchants worldwide.

To teach marketers everything they need to know about loyalty and retention, we created the LoyaltyLion Academy – a free ecommerce marketing course with over 40 modules, tutorials and videos to transform you into a certified customer loyalty expert.

Whether you’re looking to train up on the basics or design an advanced customer loyalty strategy, this course is for you. You’ll come away inspired and with new ideas to increase your brand’s retention rate and customer lifetime value.

Free marketing courses: LoyaltyLion Academy

Who is it for?

Everyone! You don’t need to be a LoyaltyLion customer to use it.

Does it come with a certificate?


Academy Email Signatures (2)


7. Nosto Academy

Nosto is the world’s first commerce experience platform. They make it easy for merchants to deploy fully personalized, integrated shopping experiences across their ecommerce stores. 

The Nosto Academy is a series of on-demand courses designed to educate ecommerce professionals on the best practices for building shopping experiences using Nosto. It’s an essential resource to ensure you’re seeing success and using Nosto to its full potential.

Who is it for?

It’s exclusively available to Nosto users and an essential part of their welcome pack. New Nosto users will receive credentials to sign in and learn everything from getting started to advanced courses. 

Does it come with a certificate


Customer service

8. Gorgias Academy

Gorgias is a robust customer service platform used by 10,000 DTC brands globally. Built specifically for ecommerce merchants, Gorgias helps brands provide stellar customer support that ultimately results in greater profits.

A role in customer support is not always easy. You definitely want to know what you’re doing when a customer comes to you with a complaint. Knowing best practices when using your customer service tool or helpdesk could be the difference between a mildly inconvenienced customer and an extremely unhappy one.

If you’re using Gorgias, use the Gorgias Academy to become a platform expert and get ahead in your field. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Gorgias set up and basic to intermediate level course in ticket management.

Gorgias Academy

Who is it for?

The Gorgias Academy is only available to Gorgias users.

Does it come with a certificate?

Some do and some don’t

9. Zendesk training

Zendesk is a customer service giant that works with companies from all industries (including ecommerce) to provide better customer support and experiences. 

We know customer service is no walk in the park. It’s an integral part of your shopping experience and when done right will be a beneficial channel for your brand’s growth strategy. Learn to use your helpdesk and customer service tools expertly and it will pay dividends not only to your company but also to your career.

Check out Zendesk Training to access over 100 hours of learning. Use the courses to train yourself on everything from tickets to automations, to analytics and more. You can even take it further and use your learning and development budget to enroll in a paid course. After completing a paid course, you’ll get a shiny certificate and qualification. Now that’s what we call upskilling!

Zendesk Academy

Who’s it for?

You don’t need to be a Zendesk customer to access the courses. If you’re interested in learning about how to use Zendesk, create a free account and you’ll get access to everything.

Does it come with a certificate?

Yes but for paid courses only. However there are plenty of free courses including some that give you a Linkedin badge when completed!


Learn to use your ecommerce tools like a pro with these free ecommerce marketing courses. Understand exactly how each tool works, find opportunities to improve and make a lasting, meaningful impact.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge and earn recognition as the go-to Martech expert at your business.

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