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Retain more of your customers, for longer

Losing a valuable repeat customer is expensive. Use LoyaltyLion to achieve a greater ROI on your acquisition spend by retaining and reconverting your repeat customers

Program Analytics

The #1 loyalty platform on G2, increasing repeat purchases for brands for over 10 years

Prevent repeat customers from churning with LoyaltyLion

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Segment and prioritize with loyalty insights

It costs less to reconvert an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one. Understanding the repeat purchase behaviors of your customers allows you to segment your audience and send hyper-targeted messages that prompt a next purchase.

Use our customer value snapshot to compare the buying behaviors and conversion rates of different cohorts and identify which customers to prioritize.

Win back at-risk customers with personalized marketing messages

Win back at-risk customers with personalized marketing messages

Personalized messages outperform generic marketing comms. Identifying at-risk customers and sending them hyper-targeted messages allows you to bring them back for a repeat purchase before they churn.

Integrate loyalty data into emails and SMS messages to make at-risk customers feel recognized. Use points, rewards and tiers within win-back campaigns to surprise and delight at-risk customers.

Increase marketing ROI with an on-brand loyalty program

Loyalty program members repeat purchase if they feel connected to their favorite brands. Creating earning and rewards opportunities that align with your brand values gives your customers more reasons to choose you over others.

Integrate custom rewards that reflect your brand into your program and loyalty tiers. Protect your profit margins with brand experiences that have a higher perceived value than cost.

Testimonial Moxielash

LoyaltyLion’s market-leading integrations and support for the Shopify Plus platform made it really easy to integrate our loyalty program into our tech stack, allowing our teams to easily use loyalty data and insights in their day-to-day work to automate and personalize customer engagement.– Chief Beauty Innovator, MoxieLash

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