Take your loyalty program from concept to launch in minutes with our Loyalty Page Editor

A successful loyalty program is one that actively encourages customers to engage. It needs to be a natural part of your brand and your customer journey - a destination of its own. This can feel like a daunting challenge when you are short on time and technical expertise. That’s why we’ve created the Loyalty Page Editor. Now you can build an on-brand loyalty page in minutes.

Increase your program’s visibility and engagement

77% of customers are motivated to join a loyalty program if the benefits are clearly communicated. A loyalty page creates a destination for your existing and potential customers to learn about the benefits of your program and engage with it on an ongoing basis. Once you’ve launched your program, customers can see ways to earn points, potential rewards, and loyalty tiers in one location. They can also immediately take actions to earn points and see their balance grow.


Provide an on-brand loyalty destination in minutes

One of the biggest concerns we hear merchants talk about is time. That’s why we’ve created the Loyalty Page Editor, which allows you to create a loyalty page by yourself, with no developer support, in a matter of minutes. Just follow our setup wizard, customize each section – from buttons to tiles – with your preferred brand colors. You can then edit your loyalty program’s location on your site to provide an uninterrupted brand experience and launch your program instantly.


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