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Take a quick tour of Boody’s loyalty program

Boody is an Australian eco-clothing brand that aims to re-define the essence of comfort.

As the sustainable fashion industry continues growing and more brands are entering the fray it’s getting harder to increase purchase frequency and acquisition, which we believe that every ecommerce merchant can empathize with regardless of their industry.

To build longer-lasting relationships with their customers and increase customer spend, Boody’s team created a tiered loyalty program called, the Goodness Corner that reflects their unique brand philosophy.

In less than a year, Boody increased its member spend by 40% with a 41% higher repeat purchase rate.

Today Magdalena, our Customer Success Manager, gives you a brief tour of Boody’s loyalty program to inspire you to launch your own.

Loyalty program tour of Boody from LoyaltyLion on Vimeo.

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