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Strengthen loyal customer connections using Shopify POS

Recognizing your customers wherever they are shopping more important than ever before. During the pandemic, as consumers started to shop online more and brands started offering new services like click-and-collect, consumers got used to using multiple channels to engage with a brand.

And this preference isn’t going anywhere. Nowadays, 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels, showing the importance of adopting an omnichannel strategy. 

Shopify POS allows merchants to link their physical and online stores. By integrating your loyalty program into Shopify POS, you’ll be able to bridge the gap between physical and digital retention strategies.

Shopify POS also allows in-person staff to see your customers’ online purchase history and loyalty data when they’re shopping in-store. This makes it easy for your brick-and-mortar store to provide a seamless personalized experience and an improved customer experience.

87% of retail leaders believe a connected experience is critical to strategic business success. Sounds like a winner, right? Keep reading to discover more ways to drive retention by delivering omnichannel loyalty experiences.

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Shopify POS + loyalty in action

1. Use your loyalty program everywhere

For your program to reach its full potential, link up all your stores with Shopify POS. It’s vital for the same loyalty data and information to be available at every outlet. Otherwise, your customers will not have a seamless omnichannel loyalty experience.

Strengthen loyal customer connections using Shopify POS

2. Convert offline customers into online shoppers

Connecting your loyalty program to Shopify POS allows you to reward shoppers while in-store. You can give customers points that are redeemable online, creating more opportunities to convert offline shoppers to online customers. 

A great strategy given that 43% of consumers are purchasing online more often than they did pre-pandemic. Be sure to take every opportunity to inform your in-store customers about your loyalty program and all the ways they can earn and redeem points.

3. Communicate with offline customers

Group of women, standing on a table, smiling

Use Shopify POS and a loyalty program to build a personal connection with your offline customer base. When a customer buys in your stores, follow up via your ESP or SMS platform with personalized loyalty messages encouraging them to join the program or return to collect more points. This will help you build your loyal online community.

Communicate with your customers properly

Multichannel loyalty offers different experiences depending on the shopping channel. That’s great, however omnichannel loyalty goes one step further, creating a seamless and integrated loyalty experience for the customer no matter where they’re shopping.

Baseballism’s loyalty program offers a great example of an omnichannel customer retention strategy. They integrate LoyaltyLion with Shopify  POS across more than 10 stores throughout the US. 

This means they can create a single customer view with all purchases recorded in one place. This helps them to empower store assistants to notify customers face-to-face when they have a reward to redeem.

Baseballism’s loyalty program

Baseballism’s loyalty program members have 118% higher AOV than regular customers as well as a 195% higher average spend.

Use Shopify POS and your loyalty solution together to provide a seamless and personalized loyalty experience that will strengthen your customer relationships both on and offline. Stay one step ahead of the competition by connecting with your customers and keeping their attention, despite the distractions and wherever they’re shopping.

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities of using a loyalty solution with Shopify POS. Get yourself a copy of our ebook “The ultimate guide to loyalty on Shopify Plus” and benefit from the knowledge of our loyalty experts.

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To read more about what you can achieve with Shopify Plus and LoyaltyLion, check out our blog post on using Shopify Scripts and Shopify Flow alongside your loyalty program.

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