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Shopify Plus + Loyalty: Design a custom checkout experience

Cart abandonment might be old news, but it remains as much of a headache for ecommerce stores as it’s ever been.

In fact, data shows that in 2022, the average shopping cart abandonment rate across all ecommerce sectors is 79.8%. Luckily, we’ve got just what you need to drive more completed transactions and keep those abandonment issues in check!

Introducing, Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts are small pieces of code that give you the ability to create your own personalized checkout experiences. If you’re not familiar with customizing this part of your customer’s journey, let’s dive into it in a little more detail. 

Not all loyal customers are created equal, and therefore not all loyal customers should receive the same checkout experience. Instead of being an afterthought, the checkout process is another fantastic opportunity to show your customers just how much you appreciate them, perhaps when they least expect it. 

Scripts allow you to use code to change up the checkout experience for individual customers, automatically applying discounts or changing shipping costs depending on the shopper. The result? You protect your profit margins by only treating your most valuable customers as VIPs, giving them a shopping experience that they’ll shout about and advocate to others.

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What you can do with Shopify Scripts

With the right technical expertise, there’s no limit to the ways in which Shopify Scripts can be deployed. Here are some of the most simple use cases that have seen the greatest impact:

1. Remove voucher friction 

Reduce friction and cart abandonment during events such as Black Friday or other seasonal sales by removing the need for a customer to copy and paste a voucher.

Create automatic, personalized discounts on line items, using Scripts to automatically apply discounts on items that customers have in their cart.

This promotes more completed transactions, while also ensuring that more customers experience and benefit from the rewards within your loyalty program. 

Shopify checkout experience example  using Scripts

2. Create VIP shipping experiences

Automatically apply different shipping costs for individual customers without them having to lift a finger (or in this case, apply a coupon code).

This ensures that customers who are using a reward they’ve earned by collecting loyalty points, can benefit from the shipping perks attached to their tier status at the same time, rather than having to choose between the two rewards. 

This allows you to ensure that your most loyal customers are receiving seamless shopping experiences, while simultaneously reducing headaches for your Customer Support team! 

Shopify checkout experience example  using Scripts

Free Fly use Scripts so that their customers automatically receive free shipping depending on which loyalty tier they’re in. For example, shoppers in the ‘Frequent’ tier will automatically get free shipping at the point of checkout, whereas the ‘Welcome’ tier customers will get free shipping when they spend $100 or more. This is a great example of how you can create fully automated yet completely customized experiences with Scripts.

Free Fly tiers

Provide experiences, not points

For many retailers, particularly in the luxury space, the ‘points means prizes’ concept doesn’t quite match their branding. But the solution is simple.

Use Shopify Scripts to provide an experience-based program, allowing customers to automatically receive experiential rewards without ever having to engage with the concept of points.  

This not only allows you to deploy a loyalty program that matches the ethos of your brand, but it also lets you create experiences that customers will talk about and share with others, helping you drive greater advocacy and in turn, more cost-effective acquisition. 

With the right technical expertise, there’s no limit to the ways in which Shopify Scripts can be deployed to customize your customer’s journey and create a smoother checkout experience.

To read more about what you can achieve with Shopify Plus and LoyaltyLion, download our expert guide

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