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Spotlight: Pets at Home VIP loyalty program

We’ve spoken in the past about the benefits of a loyalty program in the pet industry. After all, people love their pets and they’re happy to spend money on them, especially if they get something back from doing so.

In this blog post, we’re going to look a little closer at one of the bigger names in the pet industry: Pets at Home.

Pets at home are one of the largest UK pet retailers, selling everything from small animals to pet beds, toys, and clothes. Now let’s talk about their loyalty program and look at the following:

  • How the loyalty program works
  • What you get for being a member
  • Why we like it
  • How could they improve?

How the loyalty program works

The pets at home loyalty program is a VIP members club for registered members. Being a member gives you exclusive offers that non-members don’t receive.

Becoming a member is free and you can register either in-store or online.


They currently have over 5 million VIP members.

When you make a purchase you can scan your membership card, or give the staff member the cell number associated with your account and they’ll update your account that way.

When you join the loyalty program you’re given a number. Using that number, your last name, and your postcode, you can log into your online VIP portal which allows you to update your personal information, as well as get updates on the VIP benefits you’re entitled to.screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-10-04

What you get for being a member

There are a number of benefits for being a member.screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-09-08

When you first become a member, they welcome you with a 10% off voucher. This allows them to encourage you to make further sales.screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-08-45

As a VIP member, you have access to the VIP helpline. This is a really important step that Pets at home have taken. If you have any questions about the program, or want to know any more information, you have a first point of contact to do so.

Having a special, exclusive number you can ring makes the people using the VIP program feel special.


Why we like it

We love this loyalty program because they make the extra effort to really get to know their customers. For example, when they send you correspondence via post, they don’t just write your name, they write your pets name too.

It’s personal touches like this that will keep people using the loyalty program, coming back to the store and the website.

They understand their customers care about their animals and the welfare of other animals and so they allow you to collect points which they use to give back to charities of your choice.screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-10-12

How could they improve?

We love pets at home’s VIP program as we believe they really understand their customers and have catered the loyalty program to their needs. We especially love how they allow their customers to give back to charities they love.

One way we would improve the loyalty program would be to make it clear how much help each customer has provided for the charity.

This could mean showing how many points they’ve amassed and how those points translate into support for the charities. This way, it would encourage customers to continue using the VIP knowing they’re having a direct impact on charities close to their hearts.


Pets at home offer a really good VIP loyalty program that shows they understand the needs of their customers and their customers’ pets too.

We think it would be great if they made it clearer how much difference each customer was making for the charity they chose.

However, the fact they give back to animal charities shows their loyalty program is relatable to their brand and will help cultivate stronger relationships with their customers.