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Pets, Points, and Perks: How the Pets at Home VIP loyalty program fosters customer loyalty

In the shared love between pet and human, in every snuggle and tail wag, lies a bond deeper than purchases. It’s this bond that Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care store, nurtures with its innovative VIP program. But how does their pet loyalty program transform pet owners into devoted brand champions?

It all starts with understanding that “rewards” go beyond discounts. In the Pets at Home VIP program, points earned with every purchase don’t just translate into vouchers for toys – they’re lifelines. With just a click, those points can become donations to chosen animal charities. The pet loyalty program is personalized, with offers and discounts tailored to your furry friend’s profile and your shopping history.

These stats from 2023 showcase the Pets at Home VIP program’s success in attracting and retaining customers, driving engagement, and fostering a vibrant community – all contributing factors to its overall effectiveness and appeal:

1. Explosive Growth: There were 7.6 million active VIP members in January 2023. This represents an 8% growth compared to the same period in 2022.
2. Increased Spending: A 12.7% rise in revenue from VIP customers translated to over £1.2 billion in sales attributed to loyal members.
3. Subscription Power: A total of 1.6 million subscription plans in 2023 is a 9% increase from 2022 and generates over £135 million in annual recurring revenue.

LoyaltyLion studied the Pets at Home’s VIP program to give you insights to use in your own pet store loyalty program. We’ll show you how it builds a sense of community, offers personalized rewards, and promotes a love for pet well-being. This article covers:

– Points with a purpose: what are Lifelines?
– Beyond discount: perks for pets and owners
– How to structure your pet rewards program

Points with a purpose: what are Lifelines?

Pets at Home’s VIP program redefined rewards with its groundbreaking “Lifelines” concept. Here, every purchase earns points, not just for discounts on squeaky toys or fancy collars, but for something far more heartwarming: donations to chosen animal charities.

Every click to donate feels good for members, as they know their loyalty translates into real help for animals less fortunate. This emotional connection goes beyond transactions, it forges a deeper bond between the member, their pet, and the Pets at Home brand.

But Lifelines is just the first layer of this pet loyalty program. The program personalizes the rewards journey, tailoring offers and discounts to a furry friend’s unique needs and a member’s shopping history. So, it’s not just about points and perks – it’s about empowering the members to be the best pet parents they can be. Here are three examples of the rewards and benefits offered in this pet store loyalty program:

1. Lifelife – Every point earned can be used to donate directly to your chosen animal charity.
2. Exclusive deals on your pet’s favorite food brand, savings on upcoming vet appointments, or even birthday treats to celebrate your pet’s special day.
3. Engaging in activities like quizzes, challenges, and interacting with other pet parents on the app earns members valuable points. These points can then be redeemed for additional discounts.

Things to remember for your pet loyalty program:

Emotional connection: Feeling good about purchases helping animals in need fuels loyalty from members.
Personalized rewards: Offers and discounts tailored to a specific pet and shopping habits keep loyal members engaged and returning for more.
Building a better pet parent: Exclusive access to health checks, expert advice, and training workshops equips members with the knowledge and confidence to care for their furry friend like a pro.

Beyond discounts: perks for pets and owners

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The Pets at Home VIP program gives its members lots of great benefits beyond just saving money on pet toys. It’s like a special club for pet owners where they get extra perks to make their pet’s life better.

Members can get free health checkups and advice from pet experts, which helps them build trust with the brand and have a long-lasting relationship with their pets. Pets at Home also offers exclusive events like dog training workshops, so members and their pets can learn and have fun together.

But it doesn’t stop there. Pets at Home has teamed up with other pet businesses to give VIP members special discounts on things like grooming services and dog walking services, and it’s all part of being a loyalty program member.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Here’s a peek at the ingredients:

Free health checks and expert advice: Puts their member’s mind at ease with regular pet checkups and valuable tips from qualified professionals, building a foundation of trust and care
Exclusive events and workshops: Members can bond with their furry friends and connect with fellow pet lovers at training sessions, interactive talks, and fun-filled events designed to ignite their shared passion
Birthday treats and personalized perks: Celebrate a pet’s special day with a delicious treat or a surprise tailored just for them, adding a touch of love and recognition
Partner discounts and deals: Members can enjoy extra savings on grooming, dog walking, pet insurance, and more, thanks to collaborations with trusted partners that make life easier and more affordable for pet parents.

Things to remember for your pet loyalty program:

It’s clear that the Pets at Home VIP program doesn’t just reward purchases – it recognizes the special bond between you and your pet. It’s a community brimming with support, knowledge, and exclusive benefits, all wrapped up in a loyalty program that truly understands the wagging-tail language of pet ownership.

How to structure your pet rewards program

Establishing an effective pet store loyalty program requires accurate planning and strategic organization. Drawing inspiration from the Pets at Home VIP program, here is a guide on structuring your own pet loyalty initiative:

1. Know your audience: Start by understanding your customer base and the behavior ob both them and their pets. Gather data on pet preferences and purchasing history to lay the groundwork for tailoring rewards that connect with customers and their pets
2. Points with purpose: Introduce a points system similar to Pets at Home’s “Lifelines.” Allow customers to earn points convertible into donations to selected animal charities, fostering social responsibility and emotional connections (if this is possible for your business)
3. Tailored rewards: Implement a personalized rewards system, offering exclusive deals on pet essentials based on individual pet profiles and past purchases. Customize discounts on specific pet-related services to ensure relevance and appreciation
4. Foster community: Encourage a sense of community among pet owners with interactive elements. Include quizzes, challenges, and forums where members can engage and share experiences, rewarding participation with points that can be redeemed for rewards
5. Health perks: Provide health-related perks beyond traditional discounts, such as free health checkups, expert advice, and access to training workshops. Addressing holistic well-being builds trust and loyalty
6. Exclusive collaborations: Enhance program exclusivity by organizing special events and collaborating with other pet-related businesses. Partner with grooming services or insurance providers to offer unique discounts to loyal members
7. Celebrate milestones: Acknowledge special moments in a pet’s life with personalized perks like birthday treats. Adding a personal touch creates an emotional connection between buyer and brand
8. Effective communication: Establish clear communication channels with regular updates on new perks, upcoming events, and exclusive offers. Encourage feedback and adapt the program based on evolving customer needs
9. Tiered loyalty: Implement a tiered system to reward different levels of loyalty. As customers accumulate points, unlock higher tiers with more exclusive benefits to incentivize continued engagement

By following these steps, you’ll create a pet rewards program that creates a loyal customer community, strengthening the bond between pet owners and your brand.

LoyaltyLion can help implement and automate all the rewards listed above. Try out our demo to see how we can generate loyalty for your pet store. 

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