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Community Matters: Lifting the lid on customer communities and how they look in 2021

In ecommerce, vibrant communities prosper. At the beginning of the pandemic, HigherLogic reported that 81% of their clients saw an uptick in online community engagement. Reaching shoppers at their points of passion is what sparks deeper connections and long-term relationships that retain valuable shoppers for longer.

However, the more we’ve talked to our merchants recently, the more we’ve realized that consumers are far less community-minded than everyone believes. Only 7% of consumers chat in a brand’s online community that they enjoy shopping with and only 10% post about the brands they like on social media.

It’s true; communities are important. But most retailers don’t know what their community really looks like and its potential to be an ROI-positive initiative. So, what’s the next step for businesses that are struggling to see the power of their community?

We’ve carried out research to understand who really makes up a community. From that research, we identified four Community Personas that exist. Each one engages with your store in different ways. These Community Personas exist on a Community Matrix.

About the author

Mollie Woolnough-Rai

Mollie is a Senior Content Marketing Executive at LoyaltyLion. After graduating from UCL in 2016, she has worked both in-house and at marketing agencies providing expertise in content for both B2B and B2C clients. At LoyaltyLion, Mollie manages our content, making sure our readers get the best quality resources about customer loyalty and retention.

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