LoyaltyLion shares benefits of Shopify Plus for ecommerce brands

Why Shopify Plus?

Platforms like Shopify are often referred to as “out of the box solutions” because they are easy to install and manage.

Many people ask the following question: How do you manage your company when your ecommerce store is big?

The answer might be by using Shopify’s enterprise software:  Shopify Plus. 

Here we will look at the following in relation to Shopify Plus:

  • Apps and integrations
  • Customisation improvements
  • Technical
  • Transactions and cart
  • Support

Apps and integrations

  • Easily sell your products on major social networks. This multichannel ability can encourage further sales
  • Use Channel API’s to promote your products through social media
  • Integrated apps and API’s. A wide range of add-on extensions and marketing tools you can use
  • Access to a range of applications. Whether it’s loyalty programs like ours or others, there will be apps to choose from to improve your store. These applications help make your site as personable as you want it to be

Customisation improvements

  • Enterprise stores using Shopify Plus can spend more time focusing on the design, marketing, and manufacturing of their product
  • Use front-end technology and private apps to customise the design of your online store


  • Fully hosted cloud-based system. Therefore, eliminates the stress of hosting and with that eliminates that cost
  • Don’t have to deal with bandwidth and server issues. Unlimited bandwidth
  • No software upgrades or security patches
  • Consistent domain throughout the checkout process
  • Integrates with USPS, UPS, and Fedex
  • SSL encryption
  • A buy-button SDK of Shopify will convert any content site you choose into an ecommerce storefront

Transactions and cart

  • No transaction fees
  • Flat monthly subscription
  • Easy to customise the data and views in the checkout process to help shoppers.


  • Each Shopify Plus store has their own account manager who will assist you when you have problems with your store. They will also be able to help you choose the right group of integrations to connect your whole business together
  • 24/7 support

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 08.27.25

Shopify Plus is perfect for retailers who are looking for an enterprise system with a quick launch and an easy to use interface.

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